Suicidal Note
Suicidal Note pain stories

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Have you ever hurt someone you truly love?

Suicidal Note

Laying on the floor, blood everywhere, moments before my life was close to perfect, a man couldn't ask for more, the life I dreamt off, the cars, the house,

the wife; the life every real man thinks off, it's funny how such a life seem so impossible to keep, one minute you happy, next minute, every emotion switch, I have nothing more to live for,

except for the awful dent of memories, of my wife laying next to me, whispering my name "Dee, please help me".

The tears runs from her eyes, while I lay their helplessly, squeezed in the vehicle I was driving recklessly, I prayed...

that god took me and left her but from the looks in her eyes death got nothing but closer, while blood and tears runs down her face, "you promised Dee,

you always be their for me" was the last words as my wife life fades slowly, how could I ever live in peace when her last memories haunts me, the sound of voice in my head drives me crazy,

I don't want the world to ever think I gave in, I just couldn't spend a next minute from the one I love, so I slit my wrist.

I refuse to be judge by anyone but the man above! I hope my words can be used as a positive force, For This Right Here Is My Suicidal NOTE.

Davin Mark AkA The Word Gladiator

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