Revolution Attempted by decentexposure

Attempted by decentexposure revolution stories

decentexposure Truth won't stand in the way of my story
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Daily prompt. Doin it!

Revolution Attempted by decentexposure

One revolution of wonder can turn time into infinite mental travels. It's amazing to consider just how the human mind unravels. Just how far? How deep can you get? If you decide to take the trip you will return in baffles.

Consider the mind. The paths of mental creation are nothing short of divine. Mental mindful magic, making sense of it's current time. The essence of this sense comes perfectly in time to define.

The revolution of the dreams from a broken heart They are equally perfect in place to tear your mind apart. Is it a coincidence that the feeling of love and hate... Came from the brain to start?

Now accept the idea that through thoughts we all see. Thoughts through ideas, inspired from memory after memory. Do you understand we all are just channels of a mental schizophrenic Galaxy.

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