Drowning in the shallows
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decentexposure Truth won't stand in the way of my story
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Drowning in the shallows

The pretty girl, the popular kid in school. Girls wanted to be her. Boys wanted to be with her. Little did they know she was dieing inside. It was never a secret to me, her inevitable out come. Her smile was always fake. Her good nature was a ploy, an act. Always so sweet but never genuine.

She was shallow! She had no friends that were unattractive. She would quickly turn her nose up to anything or anyone that was unacceptable, in her mind. Looking back, I can remember her cries for help. She just wanted attention. She just wanted to be accepted. She was not accepted at home.

But she was still shallow! I didn't help or offer wise advise. Because I could see through her shit. Her fake pretentious existence. Now she is reeking the benefits of her shallows. Drowning, suffocating, permanently damaging her youth and her future.

The water has risen to my knees. Is it coincidence that her friends are mine? Her life is a perfect reflection of mine. I am her twin sister. Now the shallows have risen to my waste.

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