Unfeigned Beauty
Unfeigned Beauty poetry stories

deborahboydston creative therapy, positive poetry
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Unfeigned Beauty

She wears her age with dignity

Beauty, transcending the sum of her years

Every line her memoir, carefully written

The script surrounding her features, eloquent

Accentuating the wisdom in her spirit

Each crease perfectly etched in her history

Her contour, enhances her remarkable tempo

Validating that she has lived and is alive

The melody of all she has ever been

In harmony with her struggles and victories

Playing sweetly, confidently her symphony

Bearing testimony to the beauty of who she is

With a palette is full of vibrant colors

Artistically placed by experience and emotion

Perfected on every canvas of every new season in her life

Painted with just the right brush, uniquely hers

Each stroke adding texture to her life

Inspired by the strength of her confidence, her faith

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