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by deborahanneshep

Comes in all types, sad you walk by and see chains

Grief sadness at any age

It is process, a journey to learn about acceptance first

click and remeber all the memories

Anyone can have grief hit

Forgiving you and others it is human

Relax listen to music, remeber it is ok to be sad, mad having feelings is human

Release, feel the breeze, listen to the waves What is your favorite song? What do you read?

I love the beach, my castle of dreams

Memories flood back

Hearts souls never forget Tender moments

Feelings and hugging all apart of healing

Special moments are preciuos

Soft intimacy helps the soul stir remembering it is beautiful

Comforting ones family friends, even just a smile , or hug can help

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This was an excellent expository on grief. Great job!!!!!