Blue heavens love

deborahanneshepCommunity member
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Blue heavens love

by deborahanneshep

Upon each twilight sea, I caress your temple

You called to my spirit so gentle

The echoes I heard in the heart is real, to feel each glowin

Envelope surrender dreams I feel you in me

To share my heart, soul with you in lifetimes sphere

You are my beautiful loving soul in revere

I woke up with you beside me in love

Stillness there amidst

Amethyst Stars,

Sweetness lilacs shall feel neath ' my eyes

I see the smile you share in passion we

You are my azure light , candles lit

In my soul I feel each intricate part close fit

Smiling in years to fill each rose petals love

cant ask for a better Christmas present , sent from angels above

Amethyst Stars, You are my everything

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