So ........... NO.200 !
So ...........

NO.200 !  200 stories

debadityadutta check insta for ma poems nowadays
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The Q/A -

Do put your responses in the form and have a blast on commaful.

The commaful server -

The Writers of Tomorrow server -

So ........... NO.200 !

First of all a big round of applause to all the people who have read, liked and commented on my posts ! You all don't know how big those things have helped me grow and be what I am today.

So to celebrate my 200th post here and 2200+ followers I have made a little Q/A for you guys !

The link is in the description. (Doraemon and Taylor Swift have nothing to do with this!) The results will be put in an upcoming post !

One last thing there is this amazing server - The Writers of Tomorrow that I am a part of .. Do consider joining it through the link in the description and comments also!

Till then, Happy Reading and Writing and Love You Commaful !

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