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debadityadutta WoH (The contest results are announced)
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Inspired by @in and @genevieve. A-Z challenge.

Just like that

A day will come, when beer will be free, But did you climb that tree, Cry as much as you can, Do not ever think of more than a juice can, Elephants have big trunk, and tusks, For whom have you bought these musks, Great is the glory of god, He feels, it's a bit odd,

Immaterial it may seem, Just in case do you have 11 in your team? Kings are the footballers, Least, can you become a non -playing defender, Managers are pivotal, No managers only scream Silver Metal! Only policemen, stay awake, Past that signboard, in the theater, it's 'Swan Lake ' Queens are born to win,

Really it seems, do drink some gin, Subtle yet, skyward he flew, Terrible and torrid was the aircraft crew, Underground he went, Vagrantly, the car suffered a dent, Wars are useless, Xylophones, Headphones, more stress, You who has been reading, Zillion times salute for finishing.

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