Gandhi and A Green Future
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A poem I wrote for a competition ... A tribute to a man who was admired by the likes of Einstein , Mandela , Martin Luther King .. And even a Green and sustainable future is important .. We need to imbibe the principles of such a man and save this planet before it is too late ..

Gandhi and A Green Future

Gandhi and A green future A bespectacled man, A man without a hint of arrogance, A man with a dream, A leader, or rather a father in honourable parlance, A man who basically was the guide ….

Here comes the future, Here come his principles, Here is the world to nurture, We are all that man’s disciples,

Is it difficult to speak the truth , I say it isn’t , And it is time to speak up, Speak and act with the thousands of Thunbergs, Whom are walking in his footsteps, As if he has been reborn,

With the Amazon burning today, Fog in the air’s display, Why not plant a tree everyday, We are warriors who fight for the planet, Where mother is ingrained in our souls, For honesty and purity , it’s a green earth we beget, Belief in oneself and almighty, Pray for a green future , even if it is only slightly,

Stop the dripping taps, Take a bicycle for yourself .. not for claps, Make houses out of bottles, Innovate and with truth and honesty fight your eco- battles.

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