The stereotypical 'what I hate about school' rant.
The stereotypical 'what I hate about school' rant. school stories

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The stereotypical 'I hate school' rant. I just REALLY hate school.

The stereotypical 'what I hate about school' rant.

by deaththerainbow

What I hate about school isn't the joys of learning new things, on the contrary, being able to discover and understand things we weren't able to comprehend at a younger age is awesome AF.

However, having to test and grade students is where schools go wrong.

Everything is fun and entertaining until you have to do it for a grade. After that, it's all just stress where you struggle to cope and juggle around all your subjects.

This is the 'real' reason we start hating lessons.

Remember that one time when you finally understood that tricky maths equation after freaking out for an hour, not knowing what to do?

That's the joy of learning.

Being forced to sit an exam for an hour, told that your entire life depended on how well you do under pressure doesn't contribute to the satisfaction you felt knowing that you had understood.

And what's more, for some reason, it's become tradition that we rank and compare amongst classmates.

As if the education system wasn't enough, it has turned people shallow, only a mark on paper determining a persons' worth.

Well das stupid. All I wanna do is go back to when I had nap time and colouring homework. Anyone got a time machine?

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