Something I Feel I Need To Address
Something I Feel I Need To Address sad stories

deathpunk187 Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   10 months ago
just a little... update? address? an essay maybe? I don't know...

Something I Feel I Need To Address

First and foremost I'm okay, really I am

but at the same time I'm also not...

so to put the whole pros and metaphors aside

I honestly just don't feel love anymore,

I've had my heart kicked in it's proverbial ass

too many times, and I've realized brutally

that love and feelings don't matter at the end of the day

to anybody, because others won't bat an eyelash at how you feel

so I feel like that emotion has just shut off

and I just can't pull myself to love anyone

or really to even hold on to any sort of emotion like that

because honestly I don't feel like anyone would care

and am I probably screwed in the head?

yeah... do I need psychiatric help?

probably... but I just feel bad

for anyone who wants a Valentine on the 14th...

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