All For Nothing?
All For Nothing? longing stories

deathpunk187Community member
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Was mine and my ex-girlfriend's relationship all for nothing?

All For Nothing?

Was my love all for nothing?

were my words all for nothing?

was my blood all for nothing?

and was my pain all for nothing?

This is what I ask myself

every day

every hour

and every minute

That I spend remembering you

your dark eyes

your long brown hair

and the sound of your heart

you were so beautiful

and you still are

but I can't say it

not anymore

it isn't my place anymore

it's someone else's

someone who by far

is better than me

but it makes me wonder

were those almost two years

all for nothing?

after all?

Through all the tears

and the tragedy

all the love

and the majesty

my fault came to be known

I felt inept


and broken

it has been made

even more evident

with me seeing

who you're with now

and the same question

the same dark

destructive question

still remains

was it all for nothing?

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