The Scientist’s New Discovery

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dearpoetri Dear poetry, I’m captivated by thee.
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I wanted to write a poem for the sci-fi contest so here’s my entry.. honestly it was really challenging writing relating to sci fi but i hope you’ll give my piece a read.. hope you like it too ❣️🥺🙏🏻

The Scientist’s New Discovery

What are you?

A cosmic puzzle?

A bubble in an ocean of universes?

I see you everywhere.

Like there were clones of you

And that’s not fair.

Are you an android disguised as an earthling?

For some reason, I couldn’t tell.

It wouldn’t be right to say

Gravitation is responsible of my heart falling.

I’m afraid that won’t fit in any theory.

‘Cause it fell out of me only to blast off to you.

Now this I know for certain

I am a scientist

And as of this very moment

You are my new discovery.

-Alexandria Tingcungco

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