The End

                        The End anguish stories

deadmermaid1988beautifully awakened by the arts
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The train wreck of emotions left behind after being betrayed pushing you into suicidal thoughts.

The End

I absord your betrayal as soon as our brown eyes meet...

It smashes my cranium into a bloody pulp, leaving me convulsing in a cesspool of a thousand half truths.

Cursorily spitting out callused prevarications, my lungs denouce their loyalty and begin to asphyxiate.

What did I do wrong? What does she have that I dont? Why dont you love me? These have become the broken chords of this sad girls love song; Left on repeat to endlessly traslate this abysmal deciet.

Its plain to see theres no cure for this affliction of your disloyalty. Is my hearts fate left to crave you endlessly? Pulverized. Obliterated. Carelessly mangled I drop to the floor. I know now I must terminate my own light to expire this dependency.

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