In Love with a Liar

In Love with a Liar liar stories

deadmermaid1988beautifully awakened by the arts
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The torment of loving a liar so deeply that you become co-dependent of the toxicity.

In Love with a Liar

This impaled esophagus retraces the flames of whiskey that made it tolerable to assimilate the exaggerated untruths that ravenously unraveled my sorrowful soul.

Those last three words cut the flesh clean off the bones, egotistically absorbing my ability to rationalize on my own...

My mind painstakingly strives to forfeit the mendacity that spills forth from the sycophant succubus that secularized itself inside of your rotting core...

But instead I ritualistically shatter my own legs to imbibe the oleaginous encore that permanently binds me to you.

I have become co-dependent to your serpentine incantations that flawlessly infiltrate every prosperity left clinging within, relishing my vilest of sins.

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