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dead_inside234 HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!!! <3
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This is it!!! A collection of people's memories and accomplishments from this year! Enjoy! :)

Commaful Rewind 2020

Welcome to Commaful Rewind 2020! This is a collection of thoughts and memories from a variety of people on here!

"Well...I created my account this year, and that is amazing." -@it_is_me_potato

"I created my account and I became a beast with tools and I also became more knowledgeable! I had countless late nights tho" -@izzyb

"I wrote a book... and joined Commaful!" -@elleseng (Note: Please go follow this person and check out their stories/poems! I promise you won't regret it!)

"This year sucked! However a lot of awesome things happened to me this year. I discovered myself, gained self confidence, found out im gay, and a demiboy, and created my commaful account!!! I hit 1000 followers about 5 months ago and im very proud of myself." -@theecollin

"I hit 600 followers and got my friends into writing!" -@himari_11 (Also, this is the wonderful person who came up with the title for Commaful Rewind! <3)

"I found Commaful, I got to meet amazing people, and make even more amazing friends. I've found out there are weirdos like me out there. I can't believe this year was so crappy. Commaful was my light in the darkness, and I hope to be here for a long time." -@inkdragon

"I moved schools, i thought it was a bad thing in the beginning but it wasn't. I made amazing friends, and, it's how I met my boyfriend. I have been with him for 3 months now. he is the best thing that has happened to me. I also came out as genderfluid to my parents. so much has happened to me since the start of 2020" -@luca_kun

"I joined Commaful, Quotev, AND Wattpad too lmao" -@mizukiashni_16

"This year I figured out that I am agender and pan. I also joined commaful :D" -@blueface_s4d

"I joined Commaful this year, and a lot of people liked my first post of memes which was awesome :D (plus, I improved on my art a little!)" -@apollo_magnolia

"I started Commaful this year" -@yeahboy

"I started Commaful this year and made many amazing and sweet friends that I love, I also was first introduced to BTS earlier this year and they have changed my life completely for the better, I feel I know were my life will be going and I've found my path!...

...I also managed to sort out a HUGE problem that had been happening for a year and now hes gone so this year..if you look at it in a light, isnt as bad as I thought <3" -@btsismybias

"A lot of people said they joined Commaful this year, so I’ll say that, too,(I did join this year). I’ve met soo many nice people on here, and new friends in real life. 2020 was hard for me, mentally. I was super insecure and absolutely hated everything about myself...

...Recently though, I’ve learned to accept myself and love my body,(thanks Lizzo!). I also fell in love, and even though he didn’t feel the same way, it was great while it lasted." -@papaya_grl619

"This year was good for me, i went to england ,visited my family in my other country , and came back to canada safely, went to the beach in the summer , 2020 was a good year not that bad i am actually going to miss it but welcome 2021 i want it to be better then 2020 i joined commaful this year too: and made lots of amazing friends:)" -@abc333

"I joined commaful this year (lol) moved 600 miles, made new friends, improved my art (and filled like 10 sketchbooks in the process XD) and finally got my migraines fixed. This year was pretty great!" -@luxeish

"Well I found the best brother in the world this year when I joined commaful. He taught me poetry so nicely that two of my poems have been published on amazon now. My poetry has grown rapidly and my brother has never left my side ( dont wanna mention the username) I got a lot of love and support this year although I got more heartbreak than love. But its okay."


"1. I got into an art school 2. I met my best friend @theecollin and we been friends since april 3. I met my gf and we will be a month on jan 4th 5.I have almost 400 followers 5 I've made many friends on commaful" -@thebookqueen14

"I found commaful Came out as pansexual Found out I'm an panromantic asexual demigirl Moved to a differnt house Made a lot of new friends Learned I get bored really easily" -@lumity

"I met my best friends in college, got a new kitten, grew closer to God than I ever have been before, and learned what it meant to be a friend when times are rough." -@foxes_are_great

"I joined Commaful this year! I got to find different ways to express myself. I published a book, and am working on publishing a new series!" -@aspendao

"I got a gf! that was fun" -@sararight (Note: Check out their posts! :D)

So, now I wanted to share my take on this year.

It's been one of the most crazy years ever. Despite everything happening I was able to come back to Commaful after about 5 months! After I came back I met so many wonderful and supportive people. I also grew in my relationship with my (small) friend group! I have started writing again which makes me happy.

Thanks to those who commented because this wouldn't have happened without you!

I hope everyone enjoyed this year's commaful rewind! Thanks for reading! And leave your feedback in the comments! :D

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