Enoch the Nephilim Hunter pt 1
Enoch the Nephilim Hunter 
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Enoch, biblical prophet, is given a task from God to clear the land of a plague that threatens it.

Enoch the Nephilim Hunter pt 1

Enoch was exhausted as he walked deep into the canyon.

He had been riding his horse for days, following the strange pillar-like cloud. It had lead him here.

The more he walked it, the narrower it got. He had a feeling that his journey was almost through.

He had started the journey after an angel had come to him in a dream.

The angel said he had lived his life according to God, and that he had found favor in God’s eyes.

Enoch was then told to say goodbye to his family, and to follow the cloud.

It had been hard for him to say goodbye. Especially after what had happened at the marketplace.

A nephilim had noticed one of Enoch’s granddaughters there. He was impossibly tall, muscular. He had dragged her off to do who knows what. Enoch had followed, hoping to plead for her safety.

The nephilim struck at him in response. Knocking him back several feet, knocking him unconscious.

Enoch’s granddaughter ran over to him as he awoke, crying tears of shame. He didn’t ask what had happened.

The canyon was dry here. It narrowed to no more than two shoulder’s width, and rose high above. It snaked left and right, twisting and turning more times that he could count.

Enoch suddenly felt and heard immense heat. It was immenating around the next turn. He peeked around the corner. His eyes were almost blinded.

As his eyes adjusted, he could hardly believe what he saw. There was a larger space with an angel in front, radiant and glorious, with wings and white robes.

And behind him, was a sword of fire, spinning fast, blocking the path behind it.

“Enoch,” the angel beckoned him closer with a smile. “ I am Uriel.”

Enoch threw himself down before the angel. “I am not worthy to be in your presence!”

“Enoch. You have shown yourself to be a true follower of the way. Please rise. We have much to discuss. For many years you have been a teacher of the true path to those around you."

"God has been happy with you, but others can do that now. You will have another task ahead of you.”

The angel turned around and took up the flaming sword. “Follow me,” he said with a boom.

They went further into the canyon, and Enoch suddenly found himself in the most beautiful place he had ever seen.

Uriel faced him in front of the Garden of Eden. “God has watched as some of his angels have come to Earth against his will. He has watched as they have laid with women."

"He has patiently watched as the products of these relations have plagued humanity. His patience has now reached its end."

"God has decreed that he shall empower you to rid these lands of this pestilence, the nephilim.”

Enoch’s jaw dropped open at these words. “But Uriel, how can I take on these creatures? "

“With God’s help.” They continued walking into the garden. Past, a gentle stream, small animals that were docile and welcoming, multiple fruit bushes and trees.

They followed the stream to a rock face with a waterfall that fell into a pool. A large, beautiful, tree sat near the pool. “This garden will be your new home."

It is the home of the Tree of Life.” The angel stood next to the tree and plucked a fruit from it. Handing it to Enoch he said, “eat of it, and you will have the power to fight the nephilim.”

Enoch did as instructed. The fruit was the sweetest he had ever tasted. With every bite his old tired body became renewed and strong, stronger than he had ever felt.

He watched as the arthritis and liver spots left his hands, he couldn’t believe it.

When Enoch looked back up at the angel, he saw that the angel had somehow removed the flame off of the sword. Uriel then handed the sword to Enoch. “You will need this as well.”

Enoch couldn’t believe it. He held in his hands, his renewed and strong hands, one of the most powerful weapons in the world, in the Garden of Eden, the place where humanity had begun.

“I am so grateful for these gifts. All praise be to God.”

“Yes, all praise be to him. These are not just gifts Enoch, these are tools. Tools for ridding the Earth of these creatures. More is at stake than even than the Earth though."

"This war will have ramifications in heaven.”

“What sort of ramifications? What happens if I fail.”

“Do not worry Enoch. All will be told in time. First, you should rest. Make yourself familiar with your new home. Practice your new weapon and abilities."

"I would also advise you to find a way to hide your identity. A new chapter will begin for you shortly.”

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