The Tale of Locker 22: Gender Bend (Part 3)
The Tale of Locker 22: Gender Bend (Part 3) nickelodeon stories

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Part 3 of "The Tale of Locker 22: Gender Bend."

The Tale of Locker 22: Gender Bend (Part 3)

Christa led Julien to the school library where they were able to find school records going back many years.

Since the 'White' Beatles album came out in 1968, Christa searched through the records for that specific year.

She started with a list of names and assigned lockers, then exclaimed "A-ha! Take a look here!"

Julien hurried over, and sure enough, in 1968 locker 22 was assigned to Kenny Warren. Next, the pair looked through the 1968 school yearbook.

After looking over several pages, Julien finally saw the mysterious Kenny. He placed his finger on a page, and said "That's him, the ghost!" The page had Kenny's school picture.

Underneath the picture, it read 'Kenny Warren, 1951-1968, A good friend and good student, We will miss you forever.'

After completing their research, the two pals walked down the hallway back toward the room with locker 22. "This is real, right?", asked Julien.

"Well, it must be," replied Christa.

Julien went on, asking "Why is Kenny appearing to me, and only me? And why do people in the past think I'm him?"

"I have no idea!", Christa replied. Then she grabbed Julien and turned him toward her. "Look, I don't know about you, but I've had enough...excitement, for one day.

This is all too much all at once. Now let's just go home and relax, okay?"

Julien paused for a few seconds, then told her, "I think Kenny is trying to tell me something. There must be a reason for all this."

"Perhaps," said Christa, then "Come on, it's getting late."

Just then, Julien remembered that he didn't get his things from his locker. "Ugh, I still have to get my books and backpack! But let's talk later, alright?"

"Sure thing," Christa replied, and the two parted ways for the time being.

Julien arrived back at locker 22. Before collecting his things, he took the necklace out of his pocket and held it up. He was determined to get to the bottom of this.

In the meantime, Christa was descending the stairs outside the school entrance. She saw a teacher who was also getting ready to leave. "Hey, Mrs. Adams!", Christa called out.

The gray-haired, brown-eyed woman smiled and asked "Yes, what can I do for you, Christa?"

"You've been teaching here longer than anyone else, right?"

"Yes, I have. A full thirty years, to be exact."

Christa then asked "Did you know Kenny Warren?"

Mrs. Adams sighed and stared into space. "Kenny Warren...I haven't thought of him in years. Of course I knew him, he was a very sweet and dedicated student. Such an awful tragedy...

" The teacher trailed off.

"What happened?", asked Christa. "Was he sick, or in a car accident?"

"Oh, no," replied Mrs. Adams. "It was right here at the school. Kenny was staying late one day to finish a science project. He got careless, and there was a deadly explosion.

Fire and smoke difficult to think of even now." Her eyes began to water with tears.

"That's...horrible," Christa said softly. Then she inquired "Who was the teacher?"

"Oh my, it's been so long...," Mrs. Adams said.

"That's okay," Christa said before turning to go back inside.

The girl was halfway up the steps, when Mrs. Adams called out, "Christa! That instructor was Mrs. Shaffner! She was the chemistry teacher before becoming assistant principal."

Christa was now starting to panic. "Thank you, Mrs. Adams!", she called out before hurrying back inside the school. "Julien! Julien!", she started shouting as she ran through the halls.

Unbeknownst to Christa, Julien had gone back to 1968 again! He was once more in the neater and brighter locker area. Next thing he knew, the young and agitated Mrs.

Shaffner appeared in the entryway again and just about yelled "Mr. Warren, now!", as she pointed toward the chemistry lab. Julien took a moment to compose himself, then followed after her.

He arrived in the familiar yet different classroom. Mrs. Shaffner was setting up equipment for the project.

She noticed him enter, then said "How kind of you to join me," as she finished connecting a gas tube...which was worn out and rotted! The woman then told him "Take a seat."

The student obeyed. Then Mrs. Shaffner pointed out the worksheets, thermometer, beakers, and pipette. Determined but nervous, Julien asked "Can you please explain what exactly I'm doing?"

The agitated woman answered "Identifying compounds by determining their melting points. Or would you like to go ahead and take an 'F' and go straight to summer school?"

"No, I'll do this," the student replied. But then he asked "How am I supposed to do this?"

"That's the point of this test, isn't it?" Mrs. Shaffner then rolled her eyes and said "Here's a clue: Turn on the gas, and light the burner. After that, it's all up to you.

I'll be back in 20 minutes."

Meanwhile in 1993, Christa was at locker 22 after frantically searching for Julien. She spun around, and jumped! There he was...

"Whoa!'re Kenny?", the girl stammered. The ghost nodded. Then, Christa asked "Did Julien go back to the past again?" The ghost nodded again, and frowned. Christa started to panic.

"Then he's going to get killed...we've got to stop him. Please, Kenny!"

With that, Kenny stepped toward her, and reached for her hands. Just as Kenny grabbed the girl's hands, she was blinded by yet another flash of light.

Christa was relieved to be back in 1968, and she quickly ran through the halls, calling for Julien.

In the lab, Julien had already turned on the gas, unaware of the faulty equipment. However, he was having difficulty with lighting the burner. He began searching for more matches.

In the hallway, a frantic Christa was stopped by the young Mrs. Shaffner. "No running in the halls, young lady!"

The girl protested "Julien, I mean Kenny, Kenny's in trouble!"

The teacher smirked, then said "I know, he's going to flunk and have to attend summer school. Bummer!"

Now angry and desperate, Christa shoved Mrs. Shaffner to the side and ran toward the lab. At last she arrived, just as Julien was preparing a box of matches.

"Julien, no!" Christa shouted when she bolted into the chemistry room. A startled Julien glanced toward her.

She ran over and smacked the box of matches out of his hand, then turned off the gas and disconnected the hose.

"Whoa, what's going on?", the confused guy asked.

A fuming Mrs. Shaffner then entered and began to ask "Yes! What are you doing-"

An irate Christa shouted, "Hold it, just hold it!" Then she held the gas hose up for Mrs.

Shaffner to see, and yelled, "See this hose? It's rotted through! If someone were to put a flame in this, the entire place would've gone up! Don't you know how to inspect equipment, MRS.


The teacher was now stunned, and speechless. "Oh, dear could've been killed. I...I don't know what to say."

Christa shoved the worn-out rotted gas hose into her hands and retorted "How about just saying you're in the wrong job?" The she joined Julien at his side, as they shook their heads.

Still looking in their direction, Mrs. Shaffner said, "Thank Heaven you noticed this! If you didn't..."

"I would've been a goner," said...Kenny Warren! He had appeared and was now sitting at the table.

At last, Julien and Christa were taken back to 1993, and were in the room with Julien's locker. To their surprise, the area was much cleaner and neater.

But they had something else on their mind. " that's how Kenny died," Julien said sadly.

"Yeah, I saw him too. He brought me back to save you," Christa told her friend, then they smiled and hugged.

Just then, the two friends were interrupted by the sound of a man clearing his throat. The startled teens spun toward the entrance, and there stood a handsome, well-dressed man...

with light brown hair and brown eyes. He merely smiled and inquired "May I ask why you're at school so late?"

Julien and Christa laughed nervously, then Christa answered, "I was just helping him with his locker, it's stuck.

" But when she pulled, the locker came open easily! Julien gave a nervous laugh again, and Christa said "Well, at least it was stuck."

The man chuckled and replied "I understand. It used to get stuck for me too."

"Huh?", a confused Julien asked. "That was your locker?"

"Oh, way back in the day," he replied, then continued "You must be Julien Dufaux. It's very nice to meet you, and a pleasure to have you here at Darby High School."

"Thank you," said the new student, then he asked "Um, who are you?"

The man's smile lengthened, and he replied, "I'm the assistant principal, Mr. Warren...Kenny Warren."

Julien and Christa's jaws dropped as they gazed at each other in shock and bewilderment.

Right when they looked back at the 'new' assistant principal, Donna and Frida appeared behind him, and gave their signature smirks and snickers. Mr.

Warren sighed and rolled his eyes, then said "Ladies, my office now, please."

After Mr. Kenny Warren turned around and began escorting the snobby girls to his office, Julien and Christa laughed and exchanged glances.

"I have a feeling that things will be much better from now on," Julien told his friend, who grinned and nodded in agreement.

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