The Tale of Locker 22: Gender Bend (Part 2)
The Tale of Locker 22: Gender Bend (Part 2) nickelodeon stories

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Part 2 of "The Tale of Locker 22: Gender Bend."

The Tale of Locker 22: Gender Bend (Part 2)

The next morning before school started, Julien went inside while other students remained outside, enjoying the fresh air and chatting with each other. He arrived at his locker.

As he started preparing for the day, Julien suddenly heard a soft moaning. He quickly glanced around. "Who's there?", he demanded.

A familiar voice replied, "I'm the ghost of Darby High School. Beware Julien, I'm here to haunt you!"

The irritated guy stormed toward the entrance. Sure enough, Donna and Frida were hiding around the corner! They gave their infamous smirks, then cried, "Boo!"

Julien rolled his eyes and snapped, "That's not funny!", before storming back to his locker. The gals merely laughed and high-fived each other as they walked down the hallway.

Before long everyone else was gathering, preparing for their first class of the day. Julien stood in the hall, waiting for Christa.

When he finally saw her, he approached and confronted his friend. "I thought I asked you to not say anything!", he snapped.

"Oh dear," Christa whispered, before saying, "I only told one person, and there was a reason."

"Yeah, sure. Well, the word has spread now...thanks to you."

Before Christa could protest, Julien turned and stormed away. He arrived back at his locker, then opened the door to start grabbing his books, when something knocked into the door.

Julien saw a volleyball rolling away on the floor...and a strange necklace which had apparently fallen out of his locker upon the impact.

He bent down and picked it up, then glanced up and saw Donna coming to retrieve the ball. "Sorry about that," she said.

"Yeah, whatever," Julien muttered as he rolled his eyes. But then he jumped upon seeing a white shape in the entrance, making a soft booing noise.

The annoyed guy glared and stomped over, shoving the shape aside as he demanded, "Stop it already, this isn't funny!

" As Julien rushed down the hall, Frida removed her white blanket covering while giving Donna another high-five.

Julien came to a stop in front of the restroom, trying to calm down. Then he remembered the necklace in his hand. He brought it up to his face for further examination.

Next, Julien continued walking and turned the next corner...only to be greeted by the strange ghost guy. He gawked, then asked, "What do you want, and who are you?"

Once again, the stranger didn't speak.

However, he held up a necklace he was wearing, which was exactly like the one in Julien's hand! He glanced down at his own necklace, then back up at the perplexed human.

Julien held the necklace in his hand a little higher, and looked back at the ghost, who gave a small smile and slight nod.

Julien put the necklace on, and in a flash of light, he was in another place. Wait a minute, he was still in the halls of Darby High School! But everything was so different.

The walls were brighter, and the students wore clothing like leather vests, miniskirts, and headbands. Julien gawked around, unable to believe his eyes.

Just then, a boy wearing jeans and a tie-dye shirt turned around toward Julien. He came toward the stunned guy, and said "Kenny, that peace sign is far out!"

Julien's jaw dropped. "Are you talking to me?"

"Um, yeah," the other guy replied. "You're the only one here named Kenny!"

The French boy slowly took a few steps back, then turned and rushed toward the room where his locker would be.

Sure enough, there was locker 22, with the name "Kenny" spelled in tie-dye colors. Julien stared in awe, then spun around after hearing footsteps enter the room.

There stood a woman, who impatiently said "I'm waiting, Mr. Warren!" Julien stared in bewilderment as the woman walked away. There was something familiar about her...

Julien quickly took off the peace sign necklace. Sure enough, he instantly returned to his own time. Then he glanced at locker 22.

The stickers which spelled "Kenny" were gone, however there was leftover residue, which hadn't been there before Julien put on the peace sign necklace and traveled back in time!

When the final bell rang for the day, Christa was preparing to leave for home, when someone tapped her shoulder. She spun around, and there was Julien. "Can we talk, please?", he asked.

Christa sighed, then said "Absolutely. I'm very sorry about what happened-"

Julien interrupted. "You said you only told one person, and there was a reason. What is this reason, if I may ask?"

After a brief pause, Christa replied "For a long time there's been a little rumor about a ghost haunting this school. I know someone, who knows someone who says they saw the ghost.

You're not alone, and I'm so sorry for embarrassing you!"

Julien smiled, then said "I have something to show you."

He led his friend to locker 22, then pointed out the sticker residue. "See this here? Whoever had this locker before, spelled their name on it with stickers."

"Yeah, okay," said Christa.

Then Julien held up the peace sign necklace. "This fell out of the locker earlier today. It more than likely belonged to this same person."


"Look around this room," the French guy replied. "It's obvious that nothing new has been done in here for years. Don't you think so?"

A now nervous Christa told him "I know those girls have been teasing you, and I'm sorry about that. But now, you're starting to spook me!"

Julien laughed, then responded "Come now, let me show you what's really spooky!"

He held her hand while placing the peace sign necklace over his neck with the other hand. There was another flash of light, and just like Julien predicted, the couple was back in time.

Christa gasped upon seeing the cleaner and brighter locker area. She glanced around, and noticed there were posters on the walls which hadn't been there before.

"What in the world is going on here?"

"I have no idea," replied Julien. "The same thing happened earlier when I put on this necklace. It was like traveling back in time, but without a time machine."

"Kenny!", a familiar voice exclaimed. The pair glanced over, and the same boy with the tie-dye shirt from before was approaching.

He noticed Christa, then asked "What's your name? Are you new?"

"Yeah, I guess so," the stunned girl replied.

The other guy raised an eyebrow, then said "You guess so?

" After trailing off for a few seconds and then giving a friendly laugh, he said to Julien "Whenever she figures it out, be sure to invite her over to my place tonight too.

I got the new 'White' Beatles album. I hope to see you there!"

He bid the couple a cheerful farewell and went back into the hallway. Julien and Christa stared at each other. "White...Beatles...album?", the dumbfounded gal stuttered.

Then Julien pulled her toward locker 22, and said "Take a look! See? This is my locker, and those are the stickers spelling the name 'Kenny.'"

"Kenny...", Christa repeated. "That guy called you 'Kenny.'"

Before either one could say anything else, the same impatient woman from earlier bellowed from the entrance "Mr. Warren!" The friends glanced over, and a stunned Christa's jaw dropped.

The woman continued, "Now, Mr. Warren. Not tomorrow, not next week. Now!"

Julien stuttered "But-"

"Don't 'but' me, young man. Look, I will stay late today to help you. But if your project isn't complete by four-o-clock, you'll be saying 'hello' to a big fat 'F' and summer school.

Ya dig?"

Julien gave a small smile, then nodded and replied "Yes."

The familiar woman gave her own small smile, then commented "Groovy. I'll meet you in my lab," before exiting.

Her jaw still wide open, Christa stammered "That was, Mrs. Shaffner! Only young."

"Yeah, I thought it was her," said Julien. "We somehow traveled back in time...and to the 1960s at that. How is that possible?"

Christa looked over at him, then commented "It was that necklace, right? Please, take it off right now!"

Julien gladly obeyed her request. Another flash of light after he once again removed the peace sign necklace, and the friends were back in 1993.

Sure enough, the room with locker 22 was messy and unclean again.

"This necklace has some kind of power," said Julien. "But how?"

Christa couldn't stop thinking about the hippie boy. "That guy, called you 'Kenny.'"

Her friend then asked "Who is, or was, Kenny?"

She responded "I don't know, but let's go find out!"

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