Oh Selena
Oh Selena inspirational hero stories

dbzgal04 Community member
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My 2nd poem dedicated to Selena Quintanilla-Perez, whom is one of my biggest heroes and inspirations. <3

Oh Selena

Oh Selena, how I think of you,

it makes me so blue.

You were a wonderful star,

to me, you're never far.

Your smile was bright,

it was like a light.

Oh Selena, you had great singing,

it was as pretty as a ring.

You've really touched my life,

what happened is more painful than a knife,

Oh Selena, I can't pick a favorite song,

it would take too long.

Oh Selena, I also get mad a lot,

I feel myself get hot.

What happened was so absurd,

it was the last thing you deserved.

Oh Selena, I often think of you,

and somehow I know you think of me too.

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