Ichabod Crane: Captive Soul (Part 1)
Ichabod Crane: Captive Soul (Part 1) sleepyhollow stories

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Part 1 of my continuation of Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" which reveals Ichabod Crane's fate and gives a new twist to the Headless Horseman's motives.
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Ichabod Crane: Captive Soul (Part 1)

The flaming pumpkin struck Ichabod Crane with surprising force. Next thing the schoolmaster knew, he was falling backward off his horse and quickly blacked out.

Before long, Ichabod awoke in the same spot. But he was standing instead of laying on the ground. He glanced around, searching for Gunpowder the horse. Alas, the animal was nowhere to be seen.

Then Ichabod noticed his hat laying next to the shattered pumpkin.

He knelt and tried to pick it up, but to the schoolmaster’s horror his hand passed right through the hat!

Ichabod then attempted to pick up the shattered pumpkin bits, but with the same result. Not sure what to do, he ran across the bridge.

It wasn’t until after he arrived on the other side, that Ichabod realized his footsteps didn’t make any noise! He then walked up to the brook and looked in the water.

To the poor fellow’s terror, he had no reflection! It was still dark outside, but the moonlight allowed the schoolmaster to confirm this unsettling fact.

Finally, it dawned on Ichabod Crane; he was now a ghost! But why didn’t he see his physical body? It didn’t matter, Ichabod had more than enough proof that he was a ghost now.

The desolate guy fell to his knees and sobbed uncontrollably. He wept until daybreak, when Ichabod heard voices on the opposite side of the bridge.

He hurried over and saw a few villagers examining his hat and the pumpkin. “I’m right here!”, he called out, but to no avail.

Later that day a searching party was organized. Folks searched both sides of the brook and as much of the brook itself as possible, but there was no sign of Ichabod Crane.

The newly deceased ghost tried desperately to get their attention, but he was unseen and unheard.

Soon the searching party was joined by Brom Bones and the Van Tassel family, including Katrina! Try as he might, Ichabod couldn’t communicate with Katrina to let her know he was right there.

To make matters worse, before everyone returned to their homes that evening Brom embraced Katrina, then proposed to the lovely maiden.

Ichabod could only watch with a broken heart as Katrina accepted his rival’s proposal.

The new ghost spun around and ran, weeping and sobbing. Soon it was night again, and the recently departed schoolmaster strolled alongside the brook.

He was now on the opposite side, where the Headless Horseman remained before flinging the speeding pumpkin at the terrified man. Not like the horseman or any other specter could harm him now.

Ichabod knelt by the brook again and wept like the night before. All of a sudden, he felt a pair of hands on his shoulders. The startled spirit jumped up and spun around.

To his horror and disgust, it was the Headless Horseman! Ichabod tried to back away, but the other ghost had a tight grip on him.

Then he let out a piercing wail and angrily pounded his fists on the horseman’s chest. To Ichabod’s surprise, the bigger and stronger ghost didn’t fight back or become aggressive.

After a few minutes the horseman let go of Ichabod’s shoulders and gently grabbed his wrists, moving his arms to his sides.

The new spirit continued weeping. Just then, the Headless Horseman raised his index finger and pressed it against the other’s lips. Ichabod fell silent, but still shed a few tears.

Next, the horseman placed an arm around his shoulders and led him further down the brook. Within a few moments, Ichabod saw the horse.

When they arrived at the specter horse’s side, the horseman lifted Ichabod on to the saddle before climbing on behind him.

He then gave the ghostly equine a gentle kick in the side, and the horse began walking.

Soon they arrived at the graveyard and old church. Upon arriving at the church door, the horse stopped moving. Then the Headless Horseman dismounted, and lifted Ichabod down to the ground.

The bigger ghost placed an arm across Ichabod’s shoulders again and led him inside the church. When the spirits were inside, the horseman led the way up a staircase.

Upstairs was a room that contained only a row of cots, and a window overseeing the outside scenery.

The Headless Horseman took Ichabod to the cot closest to the window and sat him down before sitting on the next cot facing the new spirit.

To Ichabod’s surprise, the horseman scooted his cot closer. Next, his ‘captor’ untied Ichabod’s queue.

After his hair hung loose for a few seconds, the other ghost ran his fingers through Ichabod’s hair. The horseman was amazingly suave.

Nevertheless, Ichabod quickly became nervous and started to back away. The Headless Horseman pulled him back gently and continued running his fingers through the newer spirit’s hair.

Before the newly deceased schoolmaster knew it, daylight began to shine through the window. The horseman stopped caressing his hair.

Ichabod attempted to stand up and leave, but his fellow ghost pinned him down on the cot. Then the Headless Horseman pulled a vial out from his cape and pressed it against Ichabod’s lips.

He reluctantly gulped down the contents, and within seconds everything went dark.

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