Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 6)
Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 6) romance stories

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So the candle and clock led Videl through the castle. They pointed out the paintings and tapestries, all of which Videl really admired. Suddenly she noticed another stairway on the opposite end of the hall from her room.

Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 6)

So the candle and clock led Videl through the castle. They pointed out the paintings and tapestries, all of which Videl really admired.

Suddenly she noticed another stairway on the opposite end of the hall from her room.

She began walking toward it, when suddenly Goku and Vegeta abruptly jumped in front of her, blocking her path. “Nothing to see back there!” Goku cried with a sheepish grin.

Videl arched an eyebrow. “Oh really? If it’s nothing, then going back there shouldn’t be a problem.

” She took another step forward, but Goku and Vegeta took another jump backward refusing to let her pass.

Videl tapped her chin in thought, then exclaimed “A-ha! That must be the West Wing, am I right?”

“No, no!” Vegeta cried. “Just nothing interesting! I’m sure you would be more interested seeing our library, or even our fitness area.”

Videl’s eyes lit up. “You have a library and a fitness area, really? Oh wow! I do like reading, but I especially love working out and training. I’m the strongest gal from my village.

” She said proudly.

Goku and Vegeta grinned at each other. As they engaged in their own conversation, Videl sneaked past the clock and candle. She tiptoed up the stairs.

The next thing she knew, Videl arrived at a large door. She quietly turned the knob and stepped in. Videl silently tiptoed around.

This room was such a mess, it looked like a tornado passed through. There was dust and cobwebs everywhere as well. Suddenly Videl noticed a painting on the wall.

She cautiously walked up to get a better look. The painting had been ripped by what must have been sharp claws. But she could tell it depicted a handsome man.

His black eyes were especially noticeable, along with his black spiky hair. Videl was certain she had seen those eyes before.

Just as Videl was about the lift the ripped part of the painting to get a better look at the man, she noticed a light red glow out the corner of her eye.

Videl turned toward the red glow and cautiously approached. There on a round table was a sparkly red glowing rose encased in a glass cover.

A few petals had wilted off, but the rose was still beautiful. Videl removed the glass covering to get a better look. She reached toward the rose, when all of a sudden she heard a loud growl.

The were-ape appeared before her! He jumped and did a flip before landing between Videl and the rose. He snatched the glass cover back and placed it back over the glowing rose.

“What are you up to?!” The beast snarled.

Videl gulped and took a step back. “Nothing, I-“

“Do you have any idea what could’ve happened?”

“No!” Videl cried. “I didn’t hurt anything, and I didn’t mean to-“

But the beast wouldn’t let her finish. He flipped a chair over, screaming “Get out!”

He continued screaming and roaring as Videl spun around and ran out of the West Wing as fast as she could. Then she made it to the main entrance, where Goku and Vegeta were now standing.

“Wait, where are you going miss?” Goku cried.

Videl snatched her cloak off of the coat rack by the door. She quickly replied “Whether I promised to or not, I cannot stay here any longer!”

“No, wait! Please!” Vegeta cried as she opened and then slammed the door shut.

Meanwhile up in the West Wing, the were-ape buried his face in his huge paws. “Ugh, how could I be so stupid?” He muttered in despair.

Then he grabbed the mirror, planning to use it as a guide to follow and find Videl.

Videl had already untied Oolong and jumped onto his back. He kicked the gate open and then galloped at full speed. Snow was falling to the ground and the wind was blowing.

Oolong ran as fast as he could. Suddenly he paused in the middle of a trail. Oolong and Videl just came across the same cougars! They growled and jumped at the horse.

Oolong turned in another direction and continued galloping. The equine hadn’t gone far when he tripped over a snow-covered log. Luckily Videl clinged to him and didn’t fall off.

However the cougars caught up and had them surrounded. Oolong kicked one in the side.

Another jumped at him, but Videl kicked its side and then she punched another one that tried to lunge at her and the horse.

As strong and skilled as Videl was, she was unable to chase the entire cougar pack away.

Just as another wild feline was about to leap at her, the were-ape appeared and grabbed the animal and roared in its face!

Videl and Oolong watched in awe as the beast fought off the group of cougars. One of the felines bit his left arm, making the were-ape roar in pain.

He smacked it off, and the cougar hit a tree. Finally the entire group of wild felines ran away in defeat. The beast turned toward Videl.

Before he could say anything, the creature passed out. Videl wanted to escape, but the beast just rescued her. Surely he did have good in him after all.

Oolong knelt down, and Videl gently lifted the creature onto his back. She led the equine back to the castle.

At last the were-ape was back at his castle, and sitting in his ornate chair in front of the fireplace. Videl prepared to place a damp cloth on his wound. She told him “Just hold still…”

The beast roared loudly when the cloth touched his wounded arm. Chi-Chi, Goten, Goku and Vegeta were also present and they all backed away when their master roared.

“That really hurts!” He growled at Videl.

“It wouldn’t hurt as much if you would just hold still!”

“I wouldn’t have gotten injured if you didn’t run away!”

“If you didn’t go berserk and terrify me I wouldn’t have run away!”

Videl got him there. The were-ape paused, then retorted “You shouldn’t have entered the West Wing!”

“Well, you need to control your temper mister!”

Again, Videl was right on. The beast snorted and rested his head on his paw.

Videl continued “Now just hold still and take it easy.”

The damp cloth touched the beast’s wound again. He let out a sharp sigh and gritted his teeth. But he didn’t snarl this time.

Videl glanced up at him and said softly “One more thing, thank you for saving me.”

The were-ape’s expression really softened this time. He looked at her with genuine care in his eyes. “Anytime.” He replied.

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