Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 5)
Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 5) romance stories

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Back at the castle, Videl wasn’t sobbing as hard but she was still quite distraught. Suddenly there was a soft knock on the door. “Who is it?” she asked nervously.

Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 5)

Back at the castle, Videl wasn’t sobbing as hard but she was still quite distraught. Suddenly there was a soft knock on the door.

“Who is it?” she asked nervously.

“My name is Chi-Chi, dear.” A voice said from the other side. Videl slowly opened the door, and a teapot and teacup hopped into her room.

The teapot spoke again, “You could use a drink of warm relaxing tea right now.”

Videl’s eyes widened, and she slowly backed up. The girl stammered “This is…impossible. You’re a…”

Suddenly she backed into the wardrobe. To Videl’s shock, the wardrobe cried out in surprise and laughed “Careful there!”

Videl sat on her bed, stuttering “This is…insane!”

“I know it sure seems like that,” said the wardrobe, “but we’re all here.”

Then the teacup said to Chi-Chi “Didn’t I tell you she was pretty, Mom?”

“Yes, and you were right Goten.” The teapot replied, pouring slightly steaming tea into the small cup. “Now go along, and try not to spill.”

Goten cautiously jumped over to Videl. “Thank you so much.” She said exhaustedly.

Videl just started sipping the tea, when the little teacup asked “Can I do a trick for you?” He then took a deep breath and blew bubbles! Videl giggled softly.

“Goten! Mind your manners.” Chi-Chi said sternly.

“Sorry, Mom.” The teacup replied sheepishly.

Videl then finished the rest of the tea. Chi-Chi the teapot spoke again. “You’re a very courageous girl.”

“Yes you are, so willing to take your father’s place.” The wardrobe agreed.

“Thanks so much,” said Videl. “But now I’m separated from my dad forever, my dreams and goals are gone…” She burst into tears again.

“You’ll be okay, my dear.” Chi-Chi said sweetly. “We’re all here for you. Besides, it’s always darkest before the dawn. Oh my, we should be going now; almost time for dinner.

Come along, Goten!”

She jumped out into the hallway, Goten close behind her. He turned back toward Videl and told her “See ya later!” then the door closed.

Videl let out a deep sigh. The wardrobe then said “You can call me Bulma. Well, we should find you a nice outfit for dinner.

Let me see what I’ve got,” she opened her doors, quickly looking over the dresses. “A-ha! This one will look great on you!” Bulma said as she pulled out a dark blue satin dress.

“This is all so sweet, and I appreciate everything. But I’m not going to dinner.” Videl replied.

Bulma the wardrobe gasped. “But you really must! The master expects you to be there.”

Before Videl could say anything else, Vegeta opened the door and announced “Dinner is ready.”

In the dining room, the beast was pacing back and forth impatiently. “What is taking her so long? I made it clear to her that she would join me for dinner!” He grumbled.

Chi-Chi told him “Just take it easy! She’s been through so much today and her life will be completely different now.”

Then Goku chimed in. “Sir, don’t you think that she’s the one who will break the spell?”

The were-ape snapped, “I’m not stupid, of course I’ve thought about that! But how can I impress her? She’s so gorgeous, and I’m…well just look at me!”

“You must show her that you have much more to offer.” Chi-Chi said. “For example, be a courteous gentleman.”

“Also, when she arrives give her a big smile. Let me see that smile,” said Goku. But when the were-ape smiled, his sharp fangs were even more noticeable and it wasn’t a pleasant sight.

“On second thought, when you smile keep your lips closed. But do sit up straight!”

“Speak in a gentle tone.” Chi-Chi added.

“Give her compliments.” Goku said.

“But most important of all,” Chi-Chi said, and then Goku joined her, “you must learn to control your temper!”

Right then, Vegeta entered the dining room. However, Videl wasn’t with him.

“Huh? Where is she?” The beast demanded.

Vegeta went straight to the point. “She won’t be coming.”

“What?!” The were-ape shouted. The dining room doors flew open and he rushed to the stairway. The creature jumped halfway up the stairs, and then to the top doing a flip before landing.

Despite his size, he was quite fast and flexible. Then the beast rushed to Videl’s room and pounded on the door. “I said you were to join me for dinner!”

“Too bad, I’m not hungry.” Videl retorted.

“I don’t care! Come out, or I’ll break the door down!”

Chi-Chi, Goku, and Vegeta arrived at their master’s side. Goku spoke up. “Ah sir, I really don’t think that’s the best way to speak with her.”

“But she’s making everything so complicated!” The beast griped.

“Do what I said, and talk in a gentle tone.” Chi-Chi told the creature.

The were-ape took a deep breath, and in a calmer tone said “I would greatly appreciate it if you joined me for dinner. Please?”

“My answer is still ‘no.’” Videl replied.

“Are you kidding?! You can’t stay in that room forever!”

“Just watch me!”

“Fine, then starve!” The beast roared.

He glanced at his companions and said “If the girl won’t eat with me, then she won’t eat at all!” Then he stormed off to the West Wing and slammed the doors.

Chi-Chi let out a long sigh. “That didn’t go well at all.” Goku and Vegeta nodded in agreement, and all three looked down at the floor before returning to the dining room.

In the West Wing, the creature stomped back and forth.

“I was as nice as I could be! What does she want me to do, get down on my knees and beg?” Then he walked over to a round table and grabbed a hand-held mirror off of the top.

“Let me see the girl.”

The mirror glowed with a soft green light, and then the were-ape saw the image of Videl sitting on her bed, Bulma standing beside her. The wardrobe was trying to convince Videl.

“The master won’t be so bad when you get to know him better. Just give him a chance, okay?”

“No!” Videl snapped. “I refuse to get to know him. I refuse to have anything to do with him.”

The beast frowned and gently set the mirror back down on the table. “Who am I kidding?” He said softly. “It’s no use, she’ll only see me for the beast I am.”

After a while, Videl slowly opened her door and tiptoed down the hall. “Well, it’s great to finally see you out and about.” Videl glanced down, seeing Goku grinning at her. “So what’s up?”

Videl admitted “I am starting to get hungry.”

Right at that second, Chi-Chi appeared around the corner and exclaimed “I knew you would come to your senses, dear. Follow me!”

So Videl followed the teapot to the dining room. Just as Videl sat down, Vegeta snapped at Chi-Chi “What are you doing, you idiot?! You know what the master said!”

Chi-Chi gave the clock a little slap and said firmly “The girl is still in our care, and I will not let her starve! Besides, the master needs to learn somehow.”

Before long, several gourmet meals were presented to Videl by the numerous other utensils and carts.

They even entertained her with marvelous dancing and singing, welcoming her as a guest rather than a prisoner.

Videl applauded their performance, and the food and beverages were excellent as well.

After the dinner and show, Videl began to exit the dining room when Chi-Chi said “You should probably go to bed now. You’ve had a very long day.”

“Oh, but I’m not sleepy! In fact I feel more awake than ever, and I really want to see more of this enchanted castle.” Videl replied.

“Enchanted?” Vegeta cried. “Who said anything about our castle being enchanted?”

Videl laughed and told him “Nobody, it was very easy to figure out on my own.”

Goku suggested to Vegeta “Perhaps we should go ahead and give her a tour.”

“Oh, alright.” Vegeta said.

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