Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 4)
Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 4) romance stories

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A short while later Videl checked outside to make sure no one was around, especially Sharpner. It was all clear, so she went out back and began practicing more of her fighting moves. Before long the girl heard a horse neighing. She knew that sound; it was Oolong! Videl stopped her training immediately. She ran toward the direction the neighing came from.

Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 4)

A short while later Videl checked outside to make sure no one was around, especially Sharpner. It was all clear, so she went out back and began practicing more of her fighting moves.

Before long the girl heard a horse neighing. She knew that sound; it was Oolong! Videl stopped her training immediately. She ran toward the direction the neighing came from.

At last she and the horse reached each other.

“Oolong, where’s my father?” A concerned Videl asked. The way he was acting, Videl knew something was wrong. “We must find him.” She said to the horse before climbing on to his back.

“Let’s go!”

Oolong galloped back to the spot where Hercule fell off. Videl noticed his backpack laying on the ground. She jumped off the horse and picked it up.

“Dad…” Then out the corner of her eye she noticed the gate. Videl lead Oolong to the gate and tied him to it after entering.

She gulped nervously after noticing how creepy the castle looked, but Videl was determined to find Hercule no matter what. She marched up to the door and quietly entered the castle.

“Dad?” She began calling out. “Daddy, are you here?” Videl walked through the huge room and up the stairs.

The girl called again “Is anyone here? Have you seen my father?” Then Videl noticed another stairway.

She ascended up these stairs, which were narrower and made of dull stone, just like the walls.

Videl was near the top of the stone staircase when she heard a man coughing. “Daddy, is that you?”

“Videl? Yes, it’s me!”

She hurried up the remaining stairs and rushed over to her father. He was locked behind a wooden door in a cold boring room, which was practically a dungeon. “Dad!” Videl cried.

“What happened? Who did this?”

Hercule hastily replied “There’s no time to explain. You must leave now!”

Before his daughter could protest, a deep voice shouted “Do what he says and leave this instant!”

Videl spun around. “Who are you? Did you lock my father up? If so, let him go now!”

“Why should I?” The voice growled. “He trespassed on my property.”

“He didn’t mean any harm!” Videl protested. “Besides, he seems to be getting sick.”

“That’s just too bad.” The voice said coldly.

This angered Videl. She demanded “There must be something…hey, how about you keep me instead?”

Hercule cried “No Videl, don’t!”

The creature was stunned. He asked “You would actually take his place?”

“Yes.” Videl quickly replied. Then she noticed he was staying out of sight in the shadows. “Come in to the light so I can see you.”

The beast sighed, then slowly stepped into the light shining through the window. She gasped in horror at the were-ape’s appearance, and he was so tall as well.

“So, will you still stay? You must promise to always remain here.”

Videl took a deep breath and said “I give you my word.”

“It’s a deal.” The were-ape said, and he took Hercule out of the dark cold room.

Hercule pleaded “Videl, please don’t do this! You’re so young and still have your whole life ahead of you!”

His daughter refused to change her mind. Besides, the were-ape moved at a surprisingly fast pace for a beast his size.

The next thing Hercule knew, this creature dragged him outside and threw him inside a wooden carriage.

“Return him to his village!” The beast commanded, and the carriage began walking off with a distraught Hercule inside.

The creature returned to the tower where he left Videl. “You could’ve at least given us a chance to say good-bye!” The girl sobbed.

The were-ape lowered his eyes for a few seconds and rubbed the back of his head. Then he told Videl “Come with me, I’ll take you to a more comfortable room.”

His new prisoner obeyed and stayed close behind. The beast carried Goku the animate candle to provide lighting along the way. “Maybe you should say something?” Goku whispered.

The beast pondered for a few seconds, then announced to Videl “Since the castle is your new home, feel free to go explore anywhere you want. Except for the West Wing, that is.”

“Why not?” Videl asked, “What is about the West Wing?”

“It’s just forbidden, okay?!” The were-ape shouted.

Videl bit her lip and remained silent. Finally they reached her new room. It was spacious, with a beautiful canopy bed, an elegant dresser, and light purple carpet.

Goku motioned to the beast that he should say more. The were-ape told Videl “I hope you come to like it here. If you ever need anything at all, my servants will be right there.”

Next, Goku whispered “Invite her to dinner.”

Before slamming the door closed, the beast shouted at Videl “You’ll join me for dinner! I’m not asking you, I’m telling you!”

After he shut the door with much force and walked down the hall, Videl rushed over to the new canopy bed and burst into tears, sobbing like she’d never sobbed before.

Meanwhile at the village, Sharpner and Krillin were at the tavern. Krillin was doing his best to perk his friend up after being rejected and humiliated by Videl.

“Cheer up, Sharpner!” Krillin said. “It’s Videl’s loss. All the other gals in town would marry you in a heartbeat.”

Sharpner sighed. “True that. But it just wouldn’t be the same. Don’t get me wrong, most of the other girls are lovely. But Videl…” he trailed off.

Krillin continued “Like I just said, it’s her loss. Do you know why?”

The taller guy paused for a few seconds, then answered “For one thing, I’m very handsome, athletic, and strong.” Then he actually smiled, the confidence coming back.

“That’s right.” Krillin told him. “You’re what every man wants to be. Just look around at all the fans and admirers!”

Sharpner raised his head and looked around. The guys nodded and gave thumbs-up, while the gals swooned and sighed. His grin lengthened.

Then everyone began dancing, singing, and chanting his name. Sharpner flexed his muscles, making the women ooh and ah in admiration. He even let them come up and kiss his biceps, one at a time.

Right after the last woman kissed Sharpner’s strong biceps, Hercule burst through the entrance. “Please! Please, someone help me!” he begged.

The tavern manager, a blond-haired and blue-eyed woman known as Eighteen asked in surprise “What is it, Hercule? What’s the problem?”

Hercule cried out “He’s got her! He’s got my little girl locked up!”

Sharpner quickly turned his head. “Who’s got Videl locked up?” He asked with genuine concern for once.

After a brief pause, Hercule announced “A beast, a terrible and scary beast!”

There was a stunned silence, then every person in the tavern burst out laughing including Sharpner and Krillin.

“How scary was this beast?” Eighteen taunted.

“The scariest thing I’ve ever seen, something from your worst nightmare!” Hercule replied.

The laughter became even louder. Then a tall muscular bald man named Tien asked “Was this beast big?”

Hercule cried “Yes, bigger than anything else in the world! Please believe me, please help me save Videl!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll give you all the assistance you need.” Sharpner said with a smirk, then he motioned for a couple other guys to carry Hercule outside.

Tien grabbed Hercule under his left arm, while another man named Yamcha grabbed him under the right arm. Yamcha had long and thick black hair, and facial scars.

But he was considered a lady’s man as well, since he was quite handsome despite the scars.

Tien and Yamcha carried Hercule to the door and threw him outside, where snow was slowly beginning to fall. Then they turned back around and walked back to their table.

Yamcha declared “Hercule, that goon! He’s even loonier than I thought!”

“The man has truly lost his mind.” Tien agreed.

Overhearing this conversation gave Sharpner a new idea. He grinned gleefully to himself and tapped his fingers together. Poor Hercule wandered about in the street.

“Won’t anyone listen to me?” He wailed.

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