Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 3)
Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 3) romance stories

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The journey started out with no problem, but as the sun began to set Hercule suspected they were lost. Surely they would’ve arrived at the tournament destination by now. Oolong came to a fork in the trail. Hercule was puzzled about which way to go, but the left side appeared to be safer and clearer. “Go this way, Oolong,” he told the horse.

Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 3)

The journey started out with no problem, but as the sun began to set Hercule suspected they were lost. Surely they would’ve arrived at the tournament destination by now.

Oolong came to a fork in the trail. Hercule was puzzled about which way to go, but the left side appeared to be safer and clearer. “Go this way, Oolong,” he told the horse.

But Oolong stepped backward, nickering. Suddenly there was a loud growling, and out from behind the bushes jumped a cougar! A few more followed after the leader.

Oolong reared up, neighing loudly. Then the pink horse spun around and ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

One of the cougars tried to bite his hind leg, but Oolong’s hoof struck it in the jaw.

Finally Hercule and his horse came across a shallow stream. Oolong trotted through the water, but their pursuers refused to enter no matter how deep or shallow.

Relieved, Hercule laughed and turned around toward the cougars. “See? You can’t touch the champ!” Unfortunately, Hercule was struck on the back of his head by a thick tree branch.

He lost consciousness and fell off of Oolong. The horse left him behind.

About an hour had passed when Hercule woke up, his head still sore. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the sky was filled with thunder and lightning.

Rain was starting to come down, slowly but surely. A desperate Hercule paced back and forth, wondering what he could do. Then he noticed a big fancy gate a short distance away.

He rushed toward the gate. Behind it was a huge castle. Hercule slowly opened the gate and then closed it. He hurried to the castle doors. He knocked, but there was no answer.

However the doors did open slowly, and Hercule quietly entered, the doors closing behind him.

“Hello?” The man called out. “Hey, is anyone here? I’m lost and need to spend the night somewhere!”

Just then, Hercule heard chattering. He turned around quickly in all directions, but could see no one. Then he found a candle on a table and gently picked it up.

He called out “Who’s there? Please, I don’t mean any harm!”

Suddenly someone tapped Hercule on the shoulder. He turned, but no one was there. Then he was tapped on the shoulder again. This time Hercule was facing the candle in his hand.

“Hi!” It exclaimed in a cheerful tone.

Hercule screamed and dropped the candle. “What the…how can you…,” he stuttered.

The candle merely said “My name is Goku. So you need a place to stay? Just follow me!”

“I don’t think so!” another voice chimed in. A clock hopped beside the candle. “Do you have any idea what the master would say?”

“Oh come on, Vegeta! Besides, the master could finally learn how to be loving and helpful.” Goku replied.

“Fine,” said the clock.

Goku and Vegeta hopped toward a door across the room, the still baffled Hercule following. In the shadows, someone was watching and he wasn’t too thrilled.

The candle sat Hercule down in an ornate chair in front of the fireplace. Vegeta exclaimed “Goku you imbecile, what are you doing?! That is the master’s chair!”

Goku said to the clock “Vegeta, what did I just say about the master having a chance to learn about being helpful and caring?”

Vegeta snorted but didn’t say anything. A footstool then ran up to the chair, barking like a dog and allowing Hercule to rest his feet on its back.

Just then a teacart flew swiftly into the room, carrying a teapot and teacup. It stopped beside Hercule. The teapot greeted him, “Good evening, sir.

How about a cup of warm tea? That will help you feel better in no time!” She then poured some slightly steaming tea into the teacup.

Hercule still couldn’t believe what was going on, but went along enjoying the hospitality anyway. “Thanks so much!” He said before picking up the cup and taking a sip.

The teacup giggled. “Your moustache feels funny, mister!”

Hercule held the little cup to his face. “Well hi there, little fella.”

Suddenly, the doors flew open and a strong breeze put out the fire in the fireplace. All of the animate objects backed up against the wall, trembling in fear.

Next a deep snarly voice called out “Who is this stranger in my castle?!”

Hercule’s heart was pounding fiercely. He heard loud footsteps come up behind the chair, followed by a deep breathing right beside him.

He slowly turned his head, and screamed in terror jumping back over the other side. It was a huge creature, monkey-like in appearance with a big long snout and a tail waving behind its back.

Hercule gawked at the…were-ape.

The beast demanded “What are you staring at, huh? Do you like what you see?”

Hercule let out a feeble laugh and cried “No! It’s just-“

“I knew it!” The creature growled. “You’re staring at the big bad scary beast!”

Hercule gulped. “I didn’t mean to intrude. I got lost and needed somewhere to stay for the night.”

The were-ape responded “Well why didn’t you just say so? I’ll take you to your…room.” Then he seized the terrified Hercule and led him away.

The talking objects could merely stay back and watch in fear and concern.

The next morning, Sharpner and Krillin gathered a small crowd outside of Videl’s cottage. Sharpner was dressed very formally. “Videl doesn’t know it yet, but this is the best day of her life.

” He said confidently to Krillin. “You know what to do, right?”

Krillin replied “When you bring her outside and call out ‘surprise,’ I have the band start playing music.”

“Exactly!” Sharpner said. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” He then walked up to the cottage and knocked on the door.

Before opening the door, Videl peeked through the peephole. Upon seeing it was Sharpner, she sighed in disgust. Videl opened the door, and Sharpner practically barged inside.

“Sharpner!” Videl cried. “What a…surprise this is.”

Her admirer responded “You should be surprised, and excited too. All the other women in town would love to be in your place right now.”

Videl began stepping back. “And why would that be?”

Sharpner explained “Well, there comes a time when a guy like me needs a splendid girl to settle down with, and when a splendid girl needs a guy like me to settle down with.

Just imagine, sitting all cozy in front of the fireplace while the little ones play around.”

“Little ones? What do you mean?” Videl asked.

Her pursuer answered “Boys just like me, and a girl or two just like you.”

“What are you saying, Sharpner?” Videl demanded.

Sharpner then went straight to the point. “Videl, will you have the honor of becoming my bride?”

“No!” she said clearly.

The creep began to move in closer. “Aw come on!”

Videl told him “I’m flattered, Sharpner. But…I’m not the one for you!” Then she kicked him in the stomach.

The kick was so powerful, Sharpner flew out the door and landed in some mud a short distance away from the cottage. Videl quickly closed and locked the front door.

The band began playing, much to Sharpner’s annoyance. Krillin asked “Well, how did it go?”

“What does it look like?” The taller guy snapped. Then he grabbed his shorter companion by the neck and muttered “Mark my word, Videl will be my bride.

” Then he dropped Krillin in the mud and walked away, wiping mud out of his hair and off of his face.

“Just how touchy can a guy be?” Krillin grumbled.

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