Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 10)
Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 10) romance stories

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Their small audience exchanged mournful glances with each other. Krillin angrily stomped his foot. ‘Why did I look up to and want to be like that self-centered jerk?’, he thought. Hercule laid his hand on Krillin’s shoulder, shaking his head sadly.

Beauty and the Beast: Dragonball Z Style! (Part 10)

Their small audience exchanged mournful glances with each other. Krillin angrily stomped his foot. ‘Why did I look up to and want to be like that self-centered jerk?’, he thought.

Hercule laid his hand on Krillin’s shoulder, shaking his head sadly.

Just then, the enchanted rose’s final petal fell off. Videl was still grieving, and didn’t notice the sparks of bright light that began coming down with the raindrops.

It was only when Gohan’s body slowly began to levitate, that she jumped back and noticed what was going on.

Videl continued stepping back, watching in disbelief as the deceased were-ape slowly levitated higher and the sparks of light became brighter.

Goku, Vegeta, and the others also watched in astonishment.

Suddenly, an orange light surrounded Gohan’s body before tightening around him. Then there was a blinding white light! Videl and her audience shielded their eyes.

When the light disappeared and everyone looked back up at Gohan, they all gasped! He was no longer a were-ape!

In the beast’s place was a human guy; most noticeable was his short and spikey black hair.

Finally, he floated back down to the floor and gently landed. Videl was preparing to approach him, when the stranger suddenly groaned and began to stir.

She jumped back as this guy slowly climbed to his feet. The stranger examined his hands, looked down at the rest of his body, then turned toward Videl.

He was tall and had a strong-looking physique.

They guy slowly approached the confused girl and gently took her hand in his. “Hey, it’s me, Videl.”, he said softly.

She slightly arched an eyebrow, then raised her hand and stroked his cheek, all the while gazing into his ebony-colored eyes.

Right then, Videl realized that these were the same eyes on that guy in the torn painting, which were also the were-ape’s eyes! At last, it all made sense.

“It, it really is you, Gohan!”, she exclaimed happily.

The couple continued gazing into each other’s eyes and caressing each other’s hands and cheeks.

Then they wrapped their arms around each other, and shared a passionate kiss! As Gohan and Videl kissed, orange and yellow fireworks lit up the sky around the castle!

At the same time, the sky cleared and the castle changed back to its elegant form.

After the kiss, Gohan and Videl’s audience rushed to their side.

Goku the candle turned into a man with dark-colored eyes and wild black hair that went in just about every direction; Goten the teacup turned into a boy, and looked exactly like Goku!

Chi-Chi the teapot changed into a woman who also had dark-colored eyes and long black hair which she wore up in a bun.

“Goku, we’re human again!”, Chi-Chi cried happily. Goku laughed and then picked her up by her sides and spun her around.

“Look at me, Mommy, Daddy!”, Goten exclaimed. Goku laughed again and picked him up and sat the boy on his shoulder, while he rested his other arm around Chi-Chi’s shoulders.

Next, Vegeta the clock transformed into a man who was slightly shorter than Goku. He also had black eyes and black hair. Vegeta’s hair was somewhat spikey, and stood upright.

Then Bulma the wardrobe turned into a woman with long aqua-colored hair and sky-colored eyes.

She looked at her hands, then joyfully shouted, “Hooray, hooray! I’m back to normal!

” Bulma jumped with excitement, then threw her arms around Vegeta while still kicking her legs up and backward in joy.

Vegeta smirked and snickered. “I love you too, Bulma.”, he whispered.

Finally, Bee the footstool transformed into a Labrador puppy. The tiny dog barked happily and ran around.

Just then, Krillin cleared his throat. After everyone quickly glanced toward him, he looked down and rubbed the back of his neck while blushing.

He then said, “I’m so sorry for being Sharpner’s sidekick. It took me way too long to see and stop ignoring how selfish and obnoxious he really was. Can you ever forgive me?”

Hercule chuckled and said “Of course.” Videl smiled and nodded, as did Gohan and the others.

“Thank you so much!”, the short bald guy cried.

Days later, Prince Gohan and Videl had another dance together in the ballroom. They wore the same outfits as before, except the prince had a smaller suit now.

All the castle inhabitants happily watched, and even some of the villagers.

Krillin was among the villagers in attendance, and with him was…the tavern owner, Eighteen!

It turned out she had a crush on Krillin the whole time, but didn’t get the chance to tell him sooner because he was always busy being at Sharpner’s side.

As they observed the dancing couple, Eighteen smiled and gave Krillin a kiss on the cheek. He blushed and chuckled.

Goku, Chi-Chi, Goten, Vegeta, and Bulma were gathered together in another part of the ballroom. Hercule was standing nearby, sniffling and wiping his eyes with a tissue.

Goku and Vegeta happened to be right beside each other. Goku said “Vegeta, I know we’ve had our little feuds, but how about we leave all that behind from now on?”

Vegeta smirked and replied “Yeah, sure. Besides, I knew all along Videl would break the curse.”

“So did I.”, said Goku.

“But I announced that she’d break the spell first!”, Vegeta snorted.

“No, I said that first!”, Goku retorted.

“No, it was me!”, Vegeta growled, then he punched Goku in the face.

Goku glared at him and responded, “You want a fight? Fine, let’s have at it!” Then the two began punching and kicking each other.

Chi-Chi and Bulma groaned in annoyance and blushed as they face-palmed. Goten merely giggled and watched in amusement.

Prince Gohan and Videl also noticed. They laughed and shook their heads while they continued dancing.

Prince Gohan and everyone else in the castle was human again, because he finally learned to love and care for others.

Videl not only found love and people who accepted her, but she found a more exciting life outside the village.

Hercule also accomplished his dream of becoming a martial arts champion! He earned this new title just a couple days before this celebration in the castle.

Everyone now had everything they ever hoped for!

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