Ancient Lovers Reunited, Part 3
Ancient Lovers Reunited, Part 3 ancient egypt stories

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4,000 years ago, a teenage Egyptian prince committed suicide upon realizing he couldn’t truly be with the one he loved. In modern times, the prince is resurrected and reunited with his beloved, thanks to his lover’s parents, a couple servants, and ultimately, assistance from the god Amun-Ra himself.

Ancient Lovers Reunited, Part 3

At last, Amun-Ra appeared to the scribe and the others in a shared dream. It was finally time for them to awaken from the lengthy slumber.

The deity then explained what he meant by temporary immortality.

The group would all become mortal and therefore normal human beings again, when Prince Snefre was rescued from death and reunited with Kanefer in person.

Hearing this filled the adolescent guy with extreme excitement and joy! But Amun-Ra said they wouldn't be resurrecting the prince right away.

The world was very different now than it was during their time, and they needed to spend time learning the new ways, seeing new things, and going to new places.

This would allow them to help Prince Snefre re-adjust to the world of the living.

The deity then notified the group that he would appear in future visions as well with any new instructions and updates.

Before Amun-Ra vanished, Kanefer asked in a pleading tone, "Please almighty Amun-Ra, tell me how Prince Snefre is doing in the afterlife? Did he make it to paradise?"

The god smiled warmly, then explained that Snefre's soul had been in a deep serene slumber as well, just like he and the others had been.

He was not suffering or condemned, but his soul was safe and comfortable. Kanefer gave Amun-Ra sincere thanks, and the deity smiled again and winked at him.

After waking up from this shared dream, the group spent the next five decades adjusting to the modern world, and traveling to see other places.

As promised, Amun-Ra appeared in more visions every now and then.

During the final vision, which was the night right before Prince Snefre's mummy and sarcophagus arrived at the museum, Amun-Ra not only notified them of this significant even,

but he also left a scroll and liquid-filled vial for Pakhom. The very same scroll that he recited from, and the very same vial he poured over the mummy!

And finally, here they all were! The newly resurrected Prince Snefre and his long-awaiting paramour Kanefer, finally reunited.

The lovers continued hugging and giving passionate kisses after the others filled their prince in on what happened after his death, while Pakhom, Meresamun, Mayet,

and Idu all watched with happiness in their hearts.

After a while, Snefre attempted to stand up, only to stumble! Luckily Kanefer was still right there and caught him.

Pakhom was just about to approach and help the prince step out of the sarcophagus, when the group was startled by the sound of the main entrance opening, followed by numerous sets of footsteps!

To their horror, the footsteps were coming right toward Snefre's exhibit!

"Oh no, the museum is already open!", Mayet cried, speaking English this time. Prince Snefre shot her a confused expression.

Adding to the risen royal's confusion, the others all darted behind the sarcophagus and crouched low to the floor.

A frantic Kanefer blurted out to the prince, in English, "Please, get down so nobody sees you!"

But of course the prince had no idea what his love or Mayet just said.

Just then, a loud voice boomed, "What in the world do you think you're doing?!" The voice was followed by several gasps and cries of bewilderment.

Prince Snefre immediately turned toward the other side of the large room. There stood the top curator, a few security guards and news reporters, and several more visitors.

They all gawked at the sight of this young guy who was sitting inside the sarcophagus of all places. A few visitors then took photos on their cell phones.

When the prince didn't reply, the curator again demanded, "What are you doing?! How did you even get in here?!"

Snefre merely tilted his head in confusion. Then he tried to stand up again, only to lose his balance and stumble back into the sarcophagus. This time, the crowd actually laughed.

Yes, the royal was still adjusting to having a normal living body again.

The curator and security guards were beginning to approach the sarcophagus, when Prince Snefre sat back up again, and spoke in flawless ancient Egyptian.

"What are you saying, and what are you doing? Don't you know who I am?"

The curator and guards all stopped in their tracks, stunned. The news reporters and visitors looked on with awe and amusement.

Then the reporters started flashing their cameras, while more visitors also continued taking photos. Prince Snefre was rather intrigued by this.

He stared in amazement at the cameras and cell phones folks were holding up and pointing at him, and at the small flashes they produced.

Then he spoke up again. "Do you all realize who I am? Why aren't any of you kneeling and bowing?" The only response was more gasps and cries of amusement.

Now starting to get irritated, Prince Snefre began to stand up again, and this time he succeeded! The stares, gapes, and cries of awe only increased.

This boy had a few ripped mummy bandages dangling from his body.

Other than that his handsome form was bare, except for the pendant and a linen skirt, which was common for guys in ancient Egypt.

The curator, guards, reports, and all the rest merely continued gawking.

"I guess he's really into the role of an ancient Egyptian prince!", a woman chuckled, her friends nodding in agreement and chuckling as well.

Prince Snefre glanced toward her direction. "What did you say?"

By now, the curator and security guards had enough.

They started coming closer to the sarcophagus, when suddenly the fire alarm went off!

All the others cried out in surprise, then everybody immediately started walking back toward the main entrance. Within seconds, the large room was finally clear again.

Snefre frantically glanced around, wondering what this noise was and why it scared the crowd away.

Just then, he felt a pair of hands spin him around. It was Pakhom. His paramour's father then lifted the resurrected prince out of the sarcophagus.

After the boy was standing on the floor, Pakhom draped his long jacket around Snefre's shoulders. Then the scribe and everyone else quickly led him to the same back door they entered earlier.

Pakhom recited the same chant as before and waved his hand, and once again the door swung open. Once they were all outside, the scribe closed the door with the same spell.

Then everyone led their revived prince through an alleyway at the back of the museum. Finally, they arrived at a large red van. Needless to say, Snefre was very intrigued.

As everybody got in the van, Kanefer reminded his boyfriend, "The world of the living is a lot different today in so many ways than it was 4,000 years ago.

We'll teach you all there is, such as using vehicles like this one, and speaking, reading, and writing modern languages.

The most significant modern language you'll learn is English, which is what those folks in the building were speaking, and what you briefly heard myself and Mayet speak."

By now they were all seated and buckled in. Once Pakhom turned on the engine, Prince Snefre jumped and yelped in surprise.

Kanefer chuckled, then held the prince's hand and said, "I know, it's all very strange at first.

But please try not to get scared! Like I said, we're going to teach and show you all there is." Then he cupped his other hand under his lover's chin, and pulled him in for a soft kiss.

Snefre responded by wrapping his arms around the other adolescent and pulling him closer!

"Alright you lovebirds, try to settle down!", Meresamun joked. The boys merely smirked and rolled their eyes.

Pakhom snickered as he drove the van, while Mayet and Idu grinned and raised their eyebrows.

30 minutes later, Pakhom pulled into the driveway of a large green house. Prince Snefre was impressed by what he saw so far. "Is this where you all live now?", he inquired.

"Yes, it is," Meresamun replied. "This will also be your residence from now on." She gave her son's beloved a warm smile. The prince blushed in return.

When the group went inside the house, Snefre was awestruck by everything he saw!

Everyone showed him the kitchen, dining room, living room, basement, and the upstairs, which had four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.

There was beige carpet throughout the home, and the walls were painted tan.

Prince Snefre then noticed, that there were four bedrooms, even though there would now be five residents. He glanced at Pakhom and inquired, "If I may ask, who does each bedroom belong to?"

Nobody minded the inquiry though, and Pakhom and Meresamun showed the prince their bedroom, then he saw Mayet's, followed by Idu's, and then Kanefer's.

Snefre then commented, "They all look wonderful and cozy indeed. But where will I sleep?"

The others gave each other sly looks, then Kanefer took his paramour's hand and announced, "You'll be sharing the same room...and bed, with me!"

Prince Snefre's heart fluttered and he turned bright red. Everyone couldn't help but giggle at the sight.

Within minutes, Meresamun and Mayet went to prepare breakfast, while Kanefer, Pakhom, and Idu led Snefre into the bathroom of his and Kanefer's bedroom, and got their prince cleaned up.

After getting the royal teen cleaned and dried off, Idu loaned him one of his bathrobes, made of navy-blue silk.

As Idu dressed the prince with his robe, Snefre glanced around to get a better look at the bedroom he'd be sharing with his beloved. The bed was spacious, with burgundy pillows and sheets.

There was a large brown dresser, and a table beside the head of the bed.

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