Ancient Lovers Reunited, Part 2
Ancient Lovers Reunited, Part 2 ancient egypt stories

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4,000 years ago, a teenage Egyptian prince committed suicide upon realizing he couldn’t truly be with the one he loved. In modern times, the prince is resurrected and reunited with his beloved, thanks to his lover’s parents, a couple servants, and ultimately, assistance from the god Amun-Ra himself.

Ancient Lovers Reunited, Part 2

But as the boys got older, they became more intimate than just playmates. Upon gaining...manly features, they were both attracted to each other instantly.

Kanefer was too afraid to make the first move, since Snefre was the prince. But luckily for him, one day in the prince's living quarters Snefre surprised him with a kiss on the cheek.

Kanefer responded by also giving a kiss...on the lips! Prince Snefre grinned, then pulled his longtime companion toward the bed, and within seconds the boys were snuggling.

A few months into their new relationship, twin servants Mayet and Idu accidentally walked in on the young lovers cuddling in the prince's bed! Snefre and Kanefer immediately started to panic.

The royal was just about to command (more like beg) his longtime servants to say absolutely nothing to anyone.

But to his and Kanefer's surprise, Mayet squealed and jumped, clasping her hands together!

"Ooh, this is so sweet and adorable!", she exclaimed. Her brother Idu merely nodded his head in agreement, then whistled and raised his eyebrows at the younger boys.

The lovers turned bright red, then let out huge sighs of relief. For the next few years, the twins kept this secret to themselves as promised.

Shortly after Prince Snefre celebrated his 15th birthday, his parents had a serious discussion with him.

Since he was their oldest son and heir to the throne, it was now time to plan a wedding...his wedding! "W-What?!", a shocked Snefre stuttered.

"I know it doesn't seem possible," Queen Nebettawy said gently. "But you're already 15 years old.

As heir to the throne of Egypt, it's very important that you get married as soon as possible so that you can start carrying on the bloodline."

"That's right, son," said Pharaoh Irihar. "Producing heirs is one of a pharaoh's major responsibilities."

Prince Snefre backed away, his heart pounding. Then he inquired, "Can I have some time alone now?"

"Yes, of course," Pharaoh Irihar replied.

After exiting, the prince ran to the other side of the palace toward his bedchamber. Upon arriving in his quarters, the teen prince flopped down on his bed and sobbed softly.

Before long, Kanefer entered. Upon seeing his beloved crying, he rushed to the bedside and laid beside him. "What's wrong, my love?", Kanefer asked, deeply worried.

Snefre looked up at the other adolescent, and replied, "My parents just informed me, that I need to start planning my own wedding.

Since I'm heir to the throne, I'm obligated to carry on the bloodline. You know what this means, right?"

Kanefer's jaw dropped, then he stammered, "You must marry a girl...which means we cannot be together!"

The prince nodded, then added, "Well, I could still have you on the side. But if I can't have you as my number one...

" Snefre broke down sobbing again and buried his face in his boyfriend's chest.

Kanefer wrapped him in a tight hug, and was also beginning to weep. Mayet and Idu walked by the entrance, and upon hearing the lovers crying together they rushed into the prince's room.

The twins were also shocked and saddened upon learning the news.

Early the next morning, the twins re-entered Prince Snefre's bedchamber to wake him.

Idu gently shook his body, but them jumped back and gasped! It was then, Mayet noticed a note at the prince's side, and an empty goblet.

The servants screamed in horror and heartache, and ran out into the hall.

"Prince Snefre is dead! Prince Snefre is dead!", they both screamed.

Within minutes Pharaoh Irihar and Queen Nebettawy hastily arrived, along with numerous other servants and other palace officials.

"What?! No, it can't be!", the queen shrieked.

But after entering her oldest son's room and going to his bedside, and seeing his limp body along with the note and goblet,

she knew in her broken heart that Snefre had committed suicide by ingesting poison. Nebettawy let out a deafening scream of despair and fell to her knees.

"My son, my heir and oldest son...", Irihar stuttered when he joined his queen at her side. He was too choked up to say anything else. The pharaoh then picked up the note.

It read: "I cannot and will not go through with getting married and producing more heirs for our family line.

I already love someone with all my heart, but obviously he's unable to have children with me. If I cannot have him as my number one, then I refuse to go on living.

Please understand, and please forgive me."

Irihar's eyes widened. He slowly dropped to his knees, and laid his head on the sheets.

Suddenly, another devastated scream sounded, followed by Kanefer running into his lover's bedchamber, his parents following to try and stop him.

The teen choked up at the sight of his prince's lifeless body. He covered Snefre's body with his own, wailing and sobbing uncontrollably.

Pakhom and Meresamun could only stand back and watch, as they also started crying in despair at Snefre's death and their own son's heartbreak.

Within a few hours, preparations for the elaborate funerary practices began. As Snefre's corpse was being carried away to be mummified, Kanefer whispered, "I'll always love and miss you!"

Later that evening, Pakhom and Meresamun sat down with their grieving son.

Pakhom stated, "I understand that Prince Snefre was already in love, but unable to be with this person because they're also a boy and therefore unable to produce future heirs with him.

The prince refused to continue living if he couldn't be with his true love."

"Okay...where did you hear that?", Kanefer inquired, trying not to give himself away.

His father replied, "I overheard Pharaoh Irihar and Queen Nebettawy talking about the note he left. Then I remembered your grief and reactions upon seeing the prince.

I went to the temple of Amun-Ra, and received a vision from Amun-Ra himself. What I suspected was and Prince Snefre were deeply in love for quite some time."

His son gasped, and cried, "Do you hate me? Is the pharaoh going to have us executed?!"

"No, of course we don't hate you. We love you, and always will!" Meresamun cried.

Then Pakhom continued, "Amun-Ra also informed me in the vision, that servants Mayet and Ibu had been aware of your relationship, and supported you both.

As a result, Amun-Ra wants all three of us, along with Mayet and Idu, to carry out a task."

The scribe then placed a large heavy jar on the table.

He went on to explain that Amun-Ra had given him the ingredients for a powerful potion, which grants temporary immortality to anyone who consumes it.

The deity wanted them to drink this potion, then afterward hide out in a tomb, where upon being deprived of the sun they'd go into a deep sleep for several centuries.

When the time was right, Amun-Ra himself would awaken the prince's lover and supporters, then give them further instructions.

Kanefer was anxious. He then inquired, "What did Amun-Ra mean, temporary immortality?"

"He didn't specify," Pakhom answered, "But he will explain after awakening us in the future, he promised me that as well."

His wife and son both nodded in understanding and agreement. Kanefer went to find Mayet and Idu.

After locating the servant twins, he filled them in on his father's story and asked them to follow him back to his parents. The brother and sister gladly obeyed.

Upon rejoining his scribe father and physician mother, the entire group each took turns drinking from the jar of potion. Becoming immortal was very tense, to say the least.

Afterward, Pakhom wrote a letter to the pharaoh and queen,

stating their son was overcome with grief at the prince's death and he and his wife were taking him away because the palace held too many painful memories.

He also wrote that Mayet and Idu were joining the family, because they were also being tormented by painful memories brought on by being in the palace.

Early the next morning with the sun's first light, the group silently exited the palace. Pakhom left the letter on a table near the entrance.

They walked toward the location of many tombs, which was a lengthy hike.

After finally arriving, the scribe and physician, their son, and the twin servants found a tomb large enough to hide all five of them. They entered the tomb and found a back hidden chamber.

Perfect! Before long, the group drifted off into a centuries-long deep sleep.

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