Ancient Lovers Reunited, Part 1
Ancient Lovers Reunited, Part 1 ancient egypt stories

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4,000 years ago, a teenage Egyptian prince committed suicide upon realizing he couldn’t truly be with the one he loved. In modern times, the prince is resurrected and reunited with his beloved, thanks to his lover’s parents, a couple servants, and ultimately, assistance from the god Amun-Ra himself.
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Ancient Lovers Reunited, Part 1

The anticipated exhibit finally arrived at the city museum.

Numerous folks were anxious to see the sarcophagus and mummy of Prince Snefre, an Egyptian prince who lived and died approximately 4,000 years ago.

At last, the exhibit was officially open, and a crowd flooded in to see the deceased prince.

The sarcophagus was painted in gold and covered with hieroglyphics indicating the prince's name, title, and other necessary information for his journey in the afterlife.

The mummy was bound tightly in gauze and uncovered from the shoulders up. The facial features were withered and dried, but well preserved.

The nose, lips, and closed eyes were in ideal condition for a 4,000-year-old corpse, even if it had been thoroughly embalmed.

Guests and news reporters flashed their cameras at the mummy and sarcophagus.

After a couple hours, the museum's top curator who was also an Egyptologist gave a presentation for the reporters and the rest of the crowd.

He had read the hieroglyphics on the golden sarcophagus and discovered a peculiar message: "Osiris, please welcome our beloved Prince Snefre into paradise, and please forgive him too.

He was a good boy but brought shame to his family."

The top curator mentioned this to the reporters. "It's a very odd message indeed.

Prince Snefre obviously didn't commit any crimes, but he supposedly shamed his family somehow, which of course would've been a severe offense in and of itself.

We'll definitely look into and study this as hard as possible."

Standing on the other side of the large room, a teen boy seemed to be...heartbroken.

His parents and a couple other folks, a guy and gal who were a few years older than him, all embraced the saddened teen. His parents and the other two companions seemed to mourn as well.

But then, the guy's father whispered, "Don't you worry my son, tonight we will finally accomplish what we've been waiting for all these countless years!"

His mother and the other accompanying pair all smiled and nodded, tears forming in their dark eyes. The teenager smiled back and nodded, holding back a sob.

Later that night when the museum was closed and the time was nearing midnight, one of the building's back doors slowly swung open, despite being locked and secured.

Then, this very same group entered. After they were all inside, the anxious guy's father waved his hand and recited a strange chant.

With that, the door slowly closed and then locked again!

Upon noticing the security cameras, which were facing away from the intruders, at least for a few more seconds, the man waved both his hands and recited another chant.

Then, the cameras stopped moving!

Everyone nodded at each other, then made their way through the museum, toward the exhibit of Prince Snefre! At last, the group arrived and began gazing at the royal mummy.

After a silent moment, the youngest member of the group began sobbing. "It's definitely him! I'd recognize his handsome features no matter what!"

His parents and the other two held him tightly. "We all recognize him, my dear," his mother said softly. "But now, everything is ready.

We just need to wait a few more minutes until the stroke of midnight!"

Tears still streaming down his cheeks, the teen grinned upon hearing this reminder, and even jumped for joy! The other four smiled warmly as he did so.

Then, the father pulled a scroll out from under his long jacket, and a vial with some type of liquid.

He removed the lid from the vial and stood beside the sarcophagus, gazing intently at the mummified prince.

The others' hearts were all pumping fiercely with excitement, especially the youngest one.

At last, the huge clock in the room struck midnight! In one hand the father held the scroll, which he began reading and reciting out loud in perfect ancient Egyptian.

In the other hand he held the vial, and was pouring its contents over the mummy while reading the scroll aloud. Everybody else looked on in anticipation.

Finally, when the clock was done ringing and the man had already completed the recitations and emptied the vial's liquid on to the preserved prince...

the mummy's closed eyes started to twitch! Then small movement was noticed beneath the gauze; the mummy's fingers were also starting to twitch!

Then all of a sudden, the deceased prince let out a deafening screech!

The entire group covered their ears and dropped to the floor. After the screeching ceased, they slowly uncovered their ears and stood back up.

Each individual gasped in surprise, amazement, and excitement! Slowly but surely, the mummy was...changing in appearance.

The withered gauze began ripping, as the dried corpse began filling out. The skin and tissues were regaining moisture. The discolored skin was also turning a pinkish and tan shade.

The lips were also filling out and becoming a normal tone, while the light and thin hair began to thicken and darken!

Suddenly, the transforming mummy let out another loud shriek. This time, it was filled with pain and discomfort.

They also noticed the body convulsing and contorting, and the facial expression tensing up. Yes, of course this regeneration was painful.

The eyes still closed, the now-living corpse arched its back and wailed in misery. Then, its arms completely tore free from the wrappings and held on to the sides of its head.

Of course!

The brain was slowly growing back, while the linens and spices filling the eviscerated abdomen were rearranging and turning into viscera, which was then reconnecting to the rest of the body!

The still changing mummy released another pain-filled shriek. Tears forming in his eyes, the adolescent guy tried to reach out and embrace the suffering prince, but his parents held him back.

"No, Kanefer. We must wait for the regeneration to become complete," his mother whispered, though her heart also ached for the transforming mummy.

Kanefer nodded his head, but then fell to his knees in despair. His parents and remaining two companions kneeled beside him to offer their own comfort.

They all continued listening to the corpse's moans. Just then, the moans and wails started to alter! They were becoming less raspy and dry, and more...healthy.

Next thing everyone knew, the moans and wails completely stopped, and were replaced by heavy panting. They all exchanged glances and nodded at each other, before standing back up.

Upon doing so, the whole group cried out with joy!

Prince Snefre was no longer a decaying withered mummy, but was a fully living human being once more! His tan skin practically glowed while he continued panting heavily.

Kanefer quickly placed his hand on the prince's bare chest.

Yes, his heart was well and beating! The jubilant guy also noticed that the newly resurrected prince's eyes were still mostly closed and barely open. He was blinking continuously.

No doubt it would take a little while to recover from being dead for 4,000 years!

Kanefer wrapped his arms around Prince Snefre and pulled him up for a tight embrace. As he held the royal close, Kanefer gently ran a hand through the prince's thick black hair.

His parents and the guy and gal duo cried with happiness.

Just then, in the ancient Egyptian language, Prince Snefre weakly stuttered, "W...W...What is...going on? I? dead."

Kanefer pulled away and gently held on to the prince's shoulders. "Well, you were dead. For 4,000 years, believe it or not.

But you're alive once more, and now we can remain together!" The joyful teen then leaned in, and gave the dazed prince a tender kiss on his lips!

His father and the younger male companion whistled, while his mother and the younger female hugged each other as they shed tears of happiness.

The resurrected royal's eyes widened. He slowly pulled away, and stared at the other adolescent. His voice still weak, the prince stuttered, "Is it...really you...K-K-Kanefer?!"

The boy nodded his head emphatically, and pulled a pendant out from under his shirt.

Then Kanefer laid his hand on the pendant Snefre wore around his neck, and after leaning in closer he pressed their identical pendants together.

The royal looked down, and then his eyes beamed with bliss! He returned his gaze to the other teen before him. After studying his appearance for another minute, Snefre cried, "Y-Y-Yes...

it is you!" Then he practically forced another passionate kiss on the other's lips. Kanefer didn't mind though, and he stroked both hands through the newly grown black hair.

After reluctantly pulling away from the loving hug, Prince Snefre's eyes beamed again when he noticed the others who were also present.

He first looked at his lover's parents, and asked, "Pakhom? Meresamun?"

The couple bowed their heads in respect, and Kanefer's mother replied, "Yes, it is us, my prince! Words cannot describe how happy we are now."

The newly risen royal then glanced at the other duo, and asked, "Mayet, and Idu?"

The guy and gal also bowed their heads in reverence, then nodded excitedly. The prince smiled warmly. Even after so many centuries, these confidants were loyal and supportive.

Mayet and Idu were twins, and servants in the palace. They were a few years older than the prince himself, so they practically grew up with him. Snefre considered them his own siblings.

They also grew up with Kanefer, whose father Pakhom was the top scribe of the prince's parents, Pharaoh Irihar and Queen Nebettawy. He had also studied mysticism and magic for quite a while.

His wife Meresamun was the royal physician.

As a result of Pakhom and Meresamun having such prominent roles in the pharaoh's court, their son Kanefer also spent much of his time in the palace, and was Snefre's closest playmate.

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