My Little Universe
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dayzTumblr writer
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my sun, my moon, and all my stars

My Little Universe

by dayz

I love the way your S-curls fall softly against your forehead and nape of your neck

The same S catches your tongue like a hook but nonetheless, I could listen to you talk about the letter alone for centuries

I love when your lips curl upward at my failed attempts of comedy

You hold my entire world in the corners of your mouth

How can my world be so small yet so grand all at once?

I love the hidden jewelry you keep tucked away

It acts as a road map to the celestial body you call home

Adorning all the beautiful tender places wondrous minds long for

But it seems the shooting stars I've wished upon were only satellites

For you live amongst stars of stained glass

And I can only see my place in the universe from my backyard

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