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I've finally reached 300+ followers, thank you for supporting. I wrote this as my thanks to Commaful.

We are the Stars

by dawnvalley

Several years ago, when the cities weren't that modern like nowadays, people could look up into the sky to see the sparkles of the stars.

The glimpse of white lights were covering all the dark night skies.

People used to enjoy lying down in that park, looking up to see those stars, wishing that there's a shooting star that we could wish to.

The stars shined brightly and freely, able to expose themselves to the people.

But lately, the bright artificial lights from the cities had become so powerful.

It probably covered the nightlife in the cities, making it more enjoyable for the people at night.

But it also overcame the natural lights from the stars above.

When the people look at the sky, the lights of the stars became too dim, the people could only see one or two stars shining.

Because of that, not many people looked at the sky again, since they found other beautiful lights that were created by their own hands.

The stars were still shining up until now, but the people didn't see it anymore.

So, was there anyone who could see the beautiful illumination of a shining star?

The answer is "Yes, there were.".

They're the other stars that looked at each others, felt each other's warmth, and appreciated each other's glows.

Some of them let out those magnificent radiance, so that some people could see them from below.

But some of them didn't shine that bright, but it was still seen by the other stars.

The other stars would try to support them so they could let out their lovely lights.

We are those stars.

We are not trying to compete on how shiny our lights are.

We are not trying to be the shiniest star on the night sky.

We have already seen how each stars can generate their own colors to each others.

We are here just to let out our lights, hoping that our sparkles could be seen, either by the people or the other stars.

Thank you Commaful for giving us the chance to release our lights :)

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