The Benchwarmer

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dawnvalley Amateur Storyteller
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Just a few thoughts from a bench player who doesn't have enough patience to wait for his chance. (Trivia: try to find the "dribble")

The Benchwarmer

by dawnvalley

Here I am sitting,

under these man-made lighting.

On the bench on the side,

watching from outside.

Seeing my teammates playing,

while I can hear the people cheering.

I never like this position,

because it gives me delusion.

I'm too good to be a supporter,

yet I'm too bad to be a real player.

I can only see them dribbling,

and shoot it at the ring.

I can hear their footsteps,

run and gunning step by step.

I want to feel that atmosphere,

but I can't while I'm still here.

Even though my team is that good,

but when will I able to use my foot?

Even though they always win,

but when should I get in?

When will I stand?

To hold that ball in my hand?

When will I achieve it?

To taste the victory for a little bit.

All of those times at the gym,

Will my passion give a dim?

Have I been actually training,

for nothing?

I saw my team holding the cup.

While I'm here on the bench not even looking up.

I keep saying,"Don't worry, it's fine."

"It's just not your time to shine."

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