Sayings from the Seven Sins: Greed

Sayings from the Seven Sins: Greed deadly stories

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Please have this few talks with Greed for the sake of your future.

Sayings from the Seven Sins: Greed

by dawnvalley

Hey you, yes, you. You still remember me? I'm the one inside you, and probably the reason why you're still here in this world right now.

How much have you accomplished? It's good that you've become better than before. But it's sad though that I'm the one that you have to meet me every time you've achieved something.

You see, I understand, when you've received success, you've become addicted to it. You've been walking from peak to peak, don't know when you will slide down from that hill. Will you fail at some point? Oh please, I hope not.

I am alive because of your success. But I do have another question for you. After all of these achievements and accomplishments that you have done, what will you do?

Well, some people are looking to raise their wealth. They bought a lot of things for them, even the tertiary ones. Until they realized that after all the needs have been fulfilled, they still felt empty inside.

There are also other people who invests in power. They climbed to top, searching for spots so they can control other people. Until they realized that their journey had sacrificed some of their close friends.

Nothing's wrong for your greed of knowledge. But sometimes it can be a double-edged sword. Once you've realized that you've known too much, you can't be as innocent as cheerful as a kid anymore.

Or you want to spend it equally. Some wealth, some power, and some knowledge. You're seeking a perfect life, which is actually the purest form of greed itself.

Did you get anything from it? Are you living your life? Of all the success that you've achieved, have you accomplished happiness?

You know, the funny thing is... Whether you buying that expensive shiny-looking watch or using that old watch which was given by your father, They still show the same hours, minutes, and seconds.

Whether you live in a huge mansion or a small apartment, If you live by yourself, secluded from the touch of family and friends, The loneliness that you feel will still the same.

Whether you're really intelligent or not that smart , When you share your knowledge with the people who needs it, You'll still have the pride of teaching other people something that you're good at.

I understand that you might need rewards for all of the efforts that you've done, And greed seems to be a way for you to check how high you have jumped. It's normal for humans, that's why it's called the seven deadly sins, right?

But I want to tell you that these kinds of greed are not that good for you. There is still one greed that you might need more than the other kinds of greed. The one that actually checks you whether you've lived in this world or not.

That achievement when you helped people and they smiled back at you. That achievement when you came back from work to see your kids waiting for you. That achievement when you listened and laughed to the stories while drinking at the bar with your friends.

The feeling that is actually doesn't have any form, an abstract, when you think about it. But nearly all of the abstract things in this world are actually the most real things in this life. I call this one "The greed of true happiness".

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