Sayings from the Seven Sins: Envy

Sayings from the Seven Sins: Envy deadly stories

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"Look at the people around you and tell me what you see?", Envy asked.

Sayings from the Seven Sins: Envy

by dawnvalley

Looking at him, looking at her.

Eyes on the people around you, eyes on yourself.

You, you are no one in this world.

Wish you could be that doctor who heals with his magic hands.

Wish you could be that lawyer who speaks with her magic words.

Wish you could be those politicians who influence people with their magic thoughts.

But no, yet here you are, a nobody.

They once told you that you were special.

Guess who's another person who heard that sentence besides you?

Basically everyone in this world.

If everyone in this world are that special, then what is the meaning of speciality?

Then all of these special people in this world will be no one automatically.

You think those doctors, lawyers, politicians, engineers, or anyone had their improved stats when they were born?

No, they're not special, the same as you.

Believe it or not, they've been through a lot of pressure and they've been doing the best they can.

You don't believe me?

What? Luck you say?

Trust me, luck is not always something that's coincidental.

If you put more efforts into something, you will create more opportunities, and those opportunities are the reasons why luck exist.

Luck is not binary, it's not one or zero, it's a percentage that you can still increase.

So stop blaming other people for your failures.

Stop blaming yourself of being too weak.

Blame the thoughts of needing to compare yourself with other people.

Everyone in this world has their own different paths, on what standards can you compare yourself with them?

So mark my words.

No, you are not special.

But I believe that you don't have to be.

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