Coffee and Soul
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A coffee shop love, told by Robusta and Arabica.

Coffee and Soul

It was a nice evening that day.

A small coffee shop was built in a small city.

There are many people usually chilling with their friends, doing some work, or maybe just having a casual coffee break.

And behind the barista's booth, lies two plastic package containers of coffee.

One was a package with Arabica coffee beans inside, and another one was Robusta coffee beans' package.

But both of the package, they only have a few beans left, only for one serving of coffee each.

"Hey, wake up, Abbie!", said the Robusta container to the Arabica container.

"Huh, what's up, Rob?", Abbie answered while still a bit sleepy from waking up.

"There are a lot of people this evening, I feel that we will be drained in a few minutes." Rob informed Abbie while whispering and looking to the guests.

"Huh, really, oh my gosh, is it really our time to separate?" Abbie asked Rob with a lot of worries.

"Probably yes, Abbie, but you know, that's our job, giving our soul to the people that really need us." Rob told Abbie with a sad face and still trying to keep Abbie calm.

"Ugh, I don't want to be alone here, and I'm not ready to die, imagine, we will be corpses with no soul, and will be thrown to the trash can." Abbie started crying.

"No, I believe that we can still find each other, we'll find a way." Rob tried to cheer Abbie.

And then a guy with a white shirt and tie came, he look really tired. He grabbed a chair, sat on it, and opened his laptop.

Then he raised his hand and said to the barista with a loud and clear voice," One Robusta coffee, please!!"

"Oh my, it's my time to leave, Abbie!" Rob said that to Abbie while the barista grabbed him and start pouring him down to the coffee grinder.

"No, Robb!!" Abbie screamed in her mind.

Abbie started crying loud when the barista finally thrown the lifeless Rob to the trash can.

"I guess I will be alone in this meantime." Abbie sighed.

"Life will be really lonely without Rob standing by my side." Abbie finally realized that.

Then, three girls came in to the coffee shop.

The girl in the front said to the bartender from far away," One Arabica coffee, please!!"

Her other friends followed it with," Me too, me too!!"

But the barista said," Sorry, but the Arabica coffee is for one serving only, and it's already sold out to the first girl, enjoy our other beverages!"

And then her friend nods with a disappointment, and ordered another beverage.

The barista grabbed Abbie.

Abbie said on her mind," This is it, it's better be like this, I can't live by myself anyway."

And then Abbie was put in the coffee grinder, mixed with other ingredients, put in a cup, and sent to the table with those three girls sitting on.

One girl was sitting on one side, and the other two was sitting on the other side of the table.

Beside their table was an empty table, and the table beside it was the table which the guy with the laptop was sitting on.

The girl that was sitting by herself was facing in the direction of the guy's table.

The girl was talking with her friends, and then took a glance of what's behind her friends, the guy.

Her eyes quickly move to her friends again after taking that glance.

But her friends noticed it.

"What is it?" one of her friend asked her.

"Umm, nothing, nothing", she tried to hide it.

Her other friend looked behind her and saw the guy.

"Hmm, he's a bit cute, isn't he?", her friend asked her.

The girl answered with a blush,"Umm, yeah, a bit."

She smiled and chuckled a bit.

Her friends responded," Oooooooohhhh..."

The guy heard the voice and looked over his laptop, trying to see the source of the voices.

And his eyes locked into the girl's eyes.

He smiled and waved to the girl.

The girl did the same to reply him.

And then the guy pointed at the empty seat in front of him, but still keeping his smile on her.

"Ooo, go get' em, girl.", her friend encouraged her to meet the guy.

She smiled, stood up, carried her coffee in her hands, and walked towards the guy's table.

She sat down, put her cup until it finally touched his cup of coffee,

and opened the conversation with,"Working hard, huh?"

"Yeah, until I was distracted by the beautiful face of yours." he answered it with a lot of confidence.

The girl didn't say anything, but you can see the blush on her cheeks.

"Umm, do you want to grab a coffee some time?" he asked the girl.

"You mean, like, right now?", she smiled and laughed, trying to put a joke.

"Haha, I mean, just the two of us.", he tried to put more details on his last question.

"Sure, maybe next time," she answered the guy.

"Hmm, may I have your phone number?" he asked with a polite voice.

The girl tried to write her phone number on a tissue on the table.

While the girl was doing that, the Robusta cup moves closer to the Arabica cup.

They both looked at the girl giving the guy her phone number.

And, with a low and breaking voice, Rob said to Abbie,"See? We will meet again..."

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