Classic Love

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dawnvalleyAmateur Storyteller
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Your love to me is like music in my ears.

Classic Love

by dawnvalley

Once Upon a Time in Paris

When the Moonlight played a Sonata for me

I saw a lady, that gave me a Dream of Love inside my head

I approached her on that side of the Lake full of Swans

Nervous, like a Flight of the Bumblebee had stung my body

She grinned and whispered to me, a thin Air coming from her lips

Her first words that lead into a Wedding March

The journey of love through Springs, Summers, Autumns, and Winters

I can still see the Flowers dancing Waltz around her

And the Clair de Lune smiles upon her

Even the Water make the sound of Music when I am with her

My love, you truly have given me Joy of a Man's Desiring

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