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davorite-̗̀there's bravery in being soft ̖́-
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Tell me how I am supposed to feel right now.


by davorite

I feel like I have been nearsighted this entire time,

only seeing the boys that appear so easily in my line of sight.

I guess I've never really understood my feelings for others

until I met her.

It wasn't love at first sight—

none of that at all.

Instead, we became fast friends

because we complemented each other.

After all, she was kind and outgoing...

And I was reserved and laid-back.

Our friendship really blossomed over the months.

So tell me, tell me please: how did this happen?

How is it that we were once able to talk so easily,

and now, I can't help but trip into her ocean eyes?

I found myself longing to see her lovely smile.

The lines around her eyes crinkle when she does. I wanted, so badly, to hold those soft hands of hers. And her voice is like music to my ears.

Like an ocean, she swept me away.

Just like that.

How is it, then, that my heart is gasping for breath,

as a single, irregular-shaped tear slowly splits it into pieces?

Because ultimately,

my heart is not the one in control here.

It is her, the oh-so-bright star of my galaxy,

whose heart belongs to someone else.

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