Love Letter for Two

davorite-̗̀there's bravery in being soft ̖́-
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A girl writes a letter to two people she loved — one for a boy named Jack, and one for a girl named Meredith.

Love Letter for Two

by davorite

Dear Jack,

Some say that you are dark. And I suppose that's true. Your hair is dark. That one sailor outfit you wore goes with the face of any grim-faced model. I rarely see you smile.

But did you know that the throaty sound of your voice...

I once took to be the part of you I was falling in love with? That seeing your tall, pale figure in the seat next to mine once quickened my heartbeat?


That your strange blue eyes, staring straight ahead, casted light on the doors that I once hoped to unlock?

Maybe it was wishful thinking,

But once, whenever you said my name, I could swear that the corners of your lips would lift up.

Dear Meredith,

I wanted to do everything with you.

Infinitely sweet and lovely to no ends,

you would envelop me in your hugs. I wanted you to take me into your warm arms, arms that radiate the scent of fresh cotton laundry. I wanted to stay there forever.

You once smiled at me like I brightened your day

and I, like the fool that I am, believed that I did.

You are the spark to my heart,

and I really do think I loved you once.

But if I fell in love with your all-encompassing warmth,

your smile, your laughter, your joy,

I also fell in love with the other—

the other due to the reliability of his existence, the reassurance that he would always be there as the mystery I wanted to solve.

I wonder...

People fall in and out of love all the time,

but can love fall in and out of people?

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bernardtwindwilGifted WriterGranddad & story teller,
7 months agoReply
I thin k you did a fabulous job. From a poetic point of view you wrote these to compelling parallel stories. You ideation on attraction becoming love was beautiful. I have one bit of sad news for you. No 14-28 yo young man anywhere during any historical age nor culture would think of those words that you wrote from him. They might fake them but this age group only thinks of one thing, coital sex. You young ladies need to learn, you want love from a relationship. The young man wants sex from the relationship. It is part of our DNA. Great letter!!!!!!!!!!! The idea was imaginative and clever. Just ingenious.

kaylynnGifted WriterAwkward writer girl @TheSilentWriter23
7 months agoReply
Wow. Just wow. This was fantastic. Love your concept.