Getting Punched At Starbucks

Getting Punched At Starbucks starbucks stories
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Dan: Yo Random Guy: who dis?

Getting Punched At Starbucks

Dan: Yo

Random Guy: who dis?

Dan: The guy you just punched at Starbucks

RG: how'd u get this #?

Dan: You left your backpack.

RG: shit

Dan: I have a bloody nose dude

RG: tbh u had it coming

RG: U fucked my girl

Dan: Umm

RG: Rachel.

RG: She told me everything

Dan: don't know any Rachel

Dan: and I haven't had sex in 2 years...

RG: damnnnn

RG: My bad bro

RG: thought it was you

Dan: Do I have a twin brother I don't know about?

RG: nah

RG: my girl said dude's name was Dan

RG: saw it on your cup

Dan: lol forreal?

Dan: it's a pretty common name

RG: true

RG: my bad TTYL man

Dan: this isn't really a "my bad" type of situation dude

Dan: might have to call the cops

RG: why?

Dan: pretty self explanatory

RG: don't be such a pussy Daniel

RG: this is why it's been 2 years

Dan: OMG

Dan: I'm actually getting over a serious breakup

Dan: which doesn't happen overnight

Dan: not that it's any of your business...

RG: see u don't know how to let stuff go

Dan: OMG seriously?

RG: she's gone, Daniel

Dan: stop calling me that!!!

RG: why?

Dan: because no one calls me that

RG: well if they did we wouldn't be in this mess

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