Dating Ariana

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Evan469 is starting to doubt it's really Ariana Grande he's been talking to online. is their love even real?

Dating Ariana

Evan469 Hey

ReallArianaGrande: Bae!

Evan469: need to ask you something.

ReallArianaGrande: one sec. talking to @taylorswift13

ReallArianaGrande what's up??

Evan469: promise you won't get mad?

ReallArianaGrande LOL ya

Evan469: been talking to my friends

Evan469: they don't think ur really Ariana :-(

ReallArianaGrande: Ugh

ReallArianaGrande: Hold on. @MileyCyrus is at the door

Evan469: say hi for me

ReallArianaGrande: k I'm back

Evan469: what did Miley want?

ReallArianaGrande: she asked if she should stick to country or go back to pop

Evan469: she drove to your house to ask that?

ReallArianaGrande: yup

Evan469 are you sure you're not a catfish?

ReallArianaGrande: why would i lie?

Evan469: idk. just don't understand why you'd want me

Evan469: ur a huge pop star. I'm a garbage man from West Virginia

ReallArianaGrande: opposite's attract

Evan469: how come we never talk on the phone?

ReallArianaGrande: I'm shy. you know that already

Evan469: But you don’t seem shy at all. You did all those impressions on Fallon

ReallArianaGrande Brb @harry_styles came over to watch 13 Reasons Why

@Evan469: Why do you call your friends by their twitter handles? It’s weird.

ReallArianaGrande: LOL

@Evan469 Will you send me a picture? So i know you’re not lying?

ReallArianaGrande OMG you’re so paranoid Evan

ReallArianaGrande: When you said you were taking Maddie to the dentist did I ask for a pic? NOOO I believed you cuz I trust you

Evan469: Taking my little cousin to the dentist isn’t the same as watching Netflix with One Direction.

Evan469: It said on TMZ that ur dating Pete Davidson.

ReallArianaGrande: Just rumors.

Evan469: You guys were walking out of Jamba Juice together. It was on video.

ReallArianaGrande: Your paranoia is stressing me out Evan.

ReallArianaGrande: I can’t take it anymore.

ReallArianaGrande: It's over

Evan469: Wait! What? I’m sorry. I’ll stop asking questions.

RealAriannaGrande: Goodbye Evan. I’ll treasure the time we spent together.

Evan469: But we didn’t spend any...

ReallArianaGrande: I have to go. @ladygaga’s waiting in the kitchen.

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