Dark Siege
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My first short strory in english.
Dark fantasy story concept with a bit of horror elements.
A boy tells what happened on a mysterious day, when suddenly some strange figures appeared in town.

Sorry for bad grammar. XD

Dark Siege

Today has been the most bizarre day of all.

It all started this morning right after I woke up.

My mother had sent me to buy bread at the old market.

before I got there I started to notice some strange people around me.

I had never seen this people before.

They were dressed in black cloaks and under those cloaks I could see some armor in them.

I knew they were not the king's knights for they were dressed differently.

One thing about them caught my attention, they had a scabbard with no sword.

On the way there I encountered some friends who also noticed the "black knights" as we called them.

They started to make up stories as If they knew who they were, obviously they were just joking.

The black knights not only looked strange but also the way they behaved was strange, they only wandered around, sometimes stopping to stare at something or someone,

and after a while started to wander around again.

Suddenly a group of about three black knights noticed that we were starting to mock them, we were mimicking them on a very exaggerated way, we looked more like a bunch of drunks than anything else.

Once the three black knights noticed us, they started to walk in our direction.

When we noticed they were coming we stood still and acted like nothing happened.

We were silent, barely making any noise, we were petrified.

I stood in thought, had we offended them? and if so, what were they going to do to us?

I was very afraid, but I was not alone, my friends were also very afraid.

we were so scared that we couldn't even move a muscle, we all wanted to take off running.

We looked at each other for a whole minute, and suddenly they were there.

The black knights stood right in front of us, surrounding us.

They were very tall and slender.

I could only see the helmet and through the helmet nothing, like if it was hollow.

They just stood there staring down at us, saying nothing, we could only hear a faint breath.

After a while, we gave ourselves some courage and started to walk away.

We had to move between them because we were surrounded.

After that we just walked away, without looking back for about a minute.

We did not want to look back, but I did.

For a mere second I turned my head around and took a peek at them.

The three were standing there looking at us, when suddenly they started running towards us.

Once I saw that, I shouted "run!" and we ran as fast as possible

We all ran on separate paths; I ran to my hut screaming "help!" all the way there.

When I arrived my mother asked me what had happened, I desperately told her I was being chased.

She asked who was chasing you?

"the black knights" I shouted.

But when I turned around there was no one there, the black knights were gone.

My mother got worried and told me to stay home the rest of the day.

I couldn't even bring the bread home, so she had to go out and buy it.

I got worried, my mother was taking too long.

Finally, she came back, I asked about the black knights, but she told me there were no black knights out there.

The day continued normally, but I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened.

Who were the black knights?

What were they doing in here?

Will they come back?

Are we in danger?

Those questions came to my head and more.

Well, maybe tomorrow will tell.

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