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I've been told I'm crazy, even a little giddy but,

Japanese Violet

I've been told I'm crazy,

even a little giddy but,

the truth is,

I know what this is.

It's waking up in an

empty flowerless field,

at the base of Mt. Fuji,

Yamanashi, Japan.

I used to stand

cold and desolate

in that barren unfamiliar land

all on my own.

Flowers that once bloomed here

now eviscerated by the the white

blanket of death.




witnessing something special.

That initial sigh upon sight,

when the first purple flower blooms

right after that harsh cold winter.

The pollen of the first flower

is a potent magic,

an exquisite shade of

violet and charcoal;

rising to life in the bitter

winter's end.

Unique, gorgeous, strong, inspiring,

a rare miracle of sorts.

I remember to

appreciate and admire from afar.

This purple treasure, in its entirety,

is my most favourite work of art.

It's a splash of anticipated,

yet unexpected, colour

that finally adds life, in this once

colourless land.

I've been told I'm crazy,

more than a little giddy

over an impossible

faraway dream but

I do know what this is.

It's the same way I felt

when I first saw her face.

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