Why I am Anti Sam Manson
Why I am Anti Sam Manson  danny phantom stories

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Why I do not like Sam Manson from Danny Phantom

Why I am Anti Sam Manson

Sam: What you working on?

Me: Next episode...

Sam: Am I in it?

Me: Yeah, but I'm limiting your time cause you aren't that important.

Sam: Oh... well, is that brat Angel back?

Me: Most likely...

Sam: WHAT?!

Me: Don't yell...

Sam: Wait, did you forget who Butch actually created?!

Me: No... though I wish he made some more love interests for Danny.

Sam: Okay, what is with you?

Me: Excuse me?

Sam: I've never done anything wrong in the show, I'm like Danny's favorite love interest... next to Ember, though why I'm not sure...

you like the show, how can you not like ME? I'm one of the most important characters on the show? How can you not like ME?

Me: Okay... I'll tell you. You are the worst person I know. You constantly ignore and disrespect your parents, always shouting “Parents don’t listen or understand”. No, YOU don’t understand.

The people gave you life, put a roof over your head, bring you food and how do you repay them?

Ignore them, avoid them and sneak out to join a circus! You know how many kids don’t have parents or both parents in their lives? You know how many kids want to spend time with their parents?

And that’s another thing; you have NO reason to be morbid and unhappy… You have two parents who love you, you’re nowhere near poverty and you have a wonderful home and what do you do?

Sit in your room in the dark listening to some idiotic emo people with loud music about how life is terrible. Yeah, I’m not exactly Mr.

Sunshine, but I have reasons, my folks are divorced, my best friend is on the other side of the country,

I’ve never had a girlfriend and I work in a flower shop after spending 4 years learning how to work in videogames.

You’re just so hypocritical, you always go on and on and on about the importance of individuality even though you’re fitting in with Goth kids.

You say you oppose violence and yet you threaten your friends, be mean to them at times and even damage everything around.

You talk about how the Government is pushing people to do things and how people sell out to the man.

And yet you have the district change an ENTIRE school cafeteria menu to food only YOU would like! No separate menu for people who want to try, just all for yourself and let other people starve.

That’s another thing, you’re bossy and you want things your way!

You let loose a gorilla that could’ve killed you, but you keep your friends quite with an embarrassing photo because it was an endangered species.

Against Danny’s wishes, you use the Op Center to make a stupid radio station, 100% free of corporate influence, or money, or assistance… or amusing tracks for all I know.

You tried to let loose frogs from the school without thinking about the importance of animal biology… and of course you never look at the negative parts to your plans.

Let’s let loose two male gorillas that are the last of their species… so that predators and poachers can come after them or their race can die out quicker!

Let’s save the frogs from dissection… so that they can return to where trucks run over them or birds and snakes eat them… you don’t see zoos as anything other than a prison.

Does that mean a hospital is a prison for not letting sick people out?


You’re okay with the destruction of trucks because they’re “environmental nightmares” and even tried to make Danny do it… you know how much money and hardwork put into making those trucks were?

You know how many kids probably didn’t get Christmas presents because of that?

But no, you don’t believe in “selling out”… you don’t believe in what most people call “GETTING A PAY CHECK”! Speaking of which, you're obviously using your ideals to hide your obvious laziness.

You hate manual labor, you won't "sell out to the man", why? Because you have money!!! You go on about how Government buys us and all that, but what do you know about earning money?

! I pull leaves off flower stems every morning!!! Hate to break it to you, well, I don't, but there are people who'd trade those idiotic ideals to have food in their bellies or clean underwear!

Before you open your mouth, try earning a paycheck!

And I think what I really hate the most about you is that you pretend you’re this deep girl who really loves Danny for who he is and hates shallow girls.

What makes YOU not shallow? As I said, you always want things your way, you’re also always pleased whenever Danny’s heart is broken.

When Valerie broke his heart, instead of comforting him, what do you do? You smile, sigh and say “clueless”.

When he gave up his powers to keep his loved ones from being harmed, what did you do? Scold him for wanting a normal life.

Oh yes, normal is so boring, being a freak whose life and loved ones are always endangered by monsters, demons and such is so much more exciting.

You weren’t happy for him, you were upset you didn’t get kicks out of seeing him beat someone up anymore! But you know what, I can forgive all of it… ALL OF IT if you weren’t so unlikeable.

That’s the worst part, you’re not fun, not pretty, not cool… just absolutely unlikeable…

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