What are you to me?
What are you to me? mental illness stories

darkmex01 Alive and Breathing.
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I am your friend, but are you mine in heart and mind?

What are you to me?

We've been friends for a few years

We're both kind of on the same boat

Wanting to break free from our families


at the same time want to embrace their warmth and madness

I look back at how we speak

You're steady and firm

a little soft spoken but a fire in your heart

I try my best to be unattached and move forward at my own pace

Making everything seem a little brighter with jokes and comedic flair

A bright star unwilling to let the night sky swallow me whole

Yet, as unwilling we are to this thing of feelings

You uncomfortable at the face of such extreme beasts

And I, so aware of the firestorm inside people hearts

Especially my own,

It scared me when you saw the hellish rupture in me

Something you had never seen

A person broken into a million pieces by gasping wounds and phantom scars

Only to pull myself together with tears and duct tape until the next time

I wonder why I bare myself in such a way

Glass hearts at my sleeves but a too familiar grin on my face

Telling you that its means nothing but a grand old joke

Am I pushing you away in fear? Am I testing this friendship of ours?

As sickening self-aware I am to my own weaknesses and twisted ticks,

I can't tell if this friendship is only friendship,

or something more horrible in my eyes

If what I think is true,

I'm sorry

I hope this torturous heart of mine shows you mercy

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