The Final Hour of Humanity

darklylovedDelicately Chaotic
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Credits to my Older Brother Since this is his story and it was wonderfully darkly done

The Final Hour of Humanity

by darklyloved

The evil men do will not be forgiven by any just God.

I must bear witness. At this late hour of humanity we are impotent against our fate.

The only power left is to tell the story of our decline.

The tonnage of misandry will crush even the loveliest news.

When the music stops we will only be left with the sound of the world's screams, and when the screaming stops, only silence.

The chasm of life is peaked with birth and death and must be crossed without even a lantern to light the way.

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darklylovedCommabassadorDelicately Chaotic
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10 months ago

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
6 months agoReply
Goodness gracious! This sounds like a speech made by Joan d' Arc. But she was not as eloquent as you. I am so very proud of you. I have observed that your poetry is getting better and better. Great work!!!!!

dissonanceGifted WriterAnd everything in you is a dream
6 months agoReply
Truly incredible, it's dark and sinister but amazing. Great work the both of you.