Straight From my Head
Straight From my Head i-hate-that stories

darklyloved A Delicately Chaotic Mess
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What yo hated once you will love now.

Straight From my Head

by darklyloved

This story is going to be different. I'm going to make it up as I go based on the photos already there. So remember. Everything is raw thoughts popping from my head.

As I waited and enjoyed the view,

I heard the water behind me splash.

I smelt a scent that reminded me of trees and nature.

Then I remember the lost things that are too distant for me.

I wish to return to the wildness I once hated.

But now I live in the city. A place I still don't understand

But I'm on my way now.

Back to the wilderness and chaos that I was born in.

Goodbye tall building that intimidated me

and welcome back universe, that I once hated.

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