Only To Be Lost In History
Only To Be Lost In History mind stories

darklyloved A Delicately Chaotic Mess
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How I feel. How I think. This is the world.

Only To Be Lost In History

by darklyloved

Tick, Tick, Tick

Goes the seconds on the Grandfather clock.

Ding, Ding,Ding

Goes the hours on the Grandfather clock.

Nobody notices.

Nobody cares,

since they are all stuck in their beds.

Unwilling to get up.

Unwilling to start the day.

Mindlessly surfing their phones,

Wasting precious time.

Time that others struggle to gain.

Death's warm embrace tightens around you every other second

Yet you haven't noticed. Too cozy in your own bed to realize

How can you live, and amuse yourself

Knowing you're already dead.

Millions of minds wandering the world their heads down

Attached to a screen.

They do not stop to see the beauty of the sunrise upfront.

They do not see the destruction that happens around them.

The pain has been erased with all other human emotions.

They have become inanimate objects that do as they're told

By the media. By society. By their friends and families.

Why do you still walk upon the hounurable Earth?

Why not dig your grave,

And die taking a photo of your last breaths,

Only to be lost in history.

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