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darklylovedDelicately Chaotic
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Mysterious Fog

by darklyloved

Walking on the beach, leaving footprints every step I go.

Looking at the sunset,

while Seagulls fly over the peaceful ocean.

"So cliche." I thought to myself.

Pealing the petals off of a rose I stole from the park.

"He loves me, he loves me not" I sing to myself.

My voice is carried of by the warm wind of summer.

Like a little school girl, I skip around.

I fall to the sand, looking up at the darkening sky.

"Who am I?" The though echoes in my head.

I curl up on myself, feeling the emptiness in my heart.

The eptines in my heart grows into pain.

Pain I can no longer take.

Pain I can no longer handle.

Love me...Anyone. Please love me.

Fill the hollow space, I feel in my heart,

or I think I might start feeling comfort in the mysterious fog again...

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