Friendship Love
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darklylovedA Delicately Chaotic Mess
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Friends 'till the end.

Friendship Love

by darklyloved

My bestie... How do I describe her?

She's spontaneous and I love her.

I call her Billy Buttons because she's cute as a button,

and Billy starts with the same letter that Buttons does.

She calls me Lenny Lego because I can do so much but if you try to step all over me, it'll hurt,

and Lenny because it starts with the same letter as Lego.

We talk, and give advice to each other.

She's as crazy as I am, and that's pretty crazy.

Sure she's ina different school & different part of the city

but we promised each other that if we drifted,

there will be no hard feelings toward each other.

It's life and we grow with or without each other.

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