Dream Come True
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darklyloved A Delicately Chaotic Mess
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Vday Contest.< br/>The perfect day.

Dream Come True

by darklyloved

As I wake up every day to the vast wilderness and the on going sky,

I smile.

It's my job to live in the wilderness. To study the unknown.

I make myself a cup of tea before riding to the, oh so small, town my childhood self lived in.

I still remember the boy across the street. He taught me how to ride my bike...He always preferred coffee more than tea though.

As I ride on my small, shiny, red scooter, into town I wonder if he still remembers me. He might have been older than me by a couple of years but our childhood was intertwined.

We saw magnificent thing together. Always laughing and cheerful, and oh that smile. It made a fire in the pit of my heart and always gives me warmth even when I'm feeling blue.

As I near the town square, I noticed that everything was covered in pink, red, and white. Flowers were everywhere. Blossom trees spreading their petals in every direction, flooding the streets.

I wonder what was going on. Was there a wedding? It's been such a long time since I came out to visit. I wonder if he was getting married.

I ride around enjoying the view when suddenly I find the cafe which I loved as a teen. It was serene and beautiful with amazing tea and flowers everywhere. It was perfect.

As I sat and ordered some tea, I look around. The cafe was also decorated in pink, red, and white with hearts everywhere.

Then it hit me. It's Valentine's day, isn't it.

I get my tea and take a sip. As my mind starts to wander, he sits down in front of me, a cup of coffee in his hands.

He remembers me. I smile as he starts to playfully scold me for being away for so long.

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming for Valentine's day? We could have made reservations for dinner."

"I forgot it was even Valentine's day...I even thought you forgot about me."

With love in his eyes, and concern in his voice he replies. "I could never forget about you."

He takes me out for the whole day, going to many events and stores that opened up while I was gone. I lived my life and so did the town.

At the end of the day, he walks me back to the cafe.

"The day ended too quickly," He says, as I thought it.

"I've waited for you all this time. Just for one more day that I could see you. Just to tell you I love you. I can't help it. I'm sorry." He tells me.

"So have I. Counted the days 'till I could see you again. Dream come true."

We figured that after all the time in the world, we would still love each other forever.

He said he would call every day to confirm that but there's no need. I will never leave him 'till the end. I'm here to stay.

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